Graphics of the 2024 Degree Show

Gray's Degree Show

Gray's School of Art Degree Show 2024

The Gray’s Degree Show is an annual highlight in the calendar, celebrating the talents and achievements of our final year students.

The show took place between Saturday 8 June and Saturday 15 June 2024.

In the final weeks leading up to the Degree Show, a palpable nervous tension fills the air. You can feel the excitement building, an energy that rises and intensifies as students approach the moment of submitting their work. It’s a thrilling journey of creativity and dedication, culminating in a showcase of artistic achievement.

Explore the 2024 catalogue to find out more about our exhibiting students:

Read stories or watch some short videos from a selection of our exhibiting students:

Connor Mclennaghan

Connor Mclennaghan's practice is a bold statement of his commitment to raising awareness and fostering dialogue. His striking black and white lino prints present thought-provoking imagery and text, challenging perceptions and inspiring deep reflection.

Aimie Smart

Aimie Smart's artistic journey is a testament to her growth and evolution over four years at Art School. Her work is a dynamic compilation of personal and professional development, showcasing her dedication to honing her craft and exploring her creative potential.

Bethany Reid

Bethany Reid's imaginative Degree Show installation invites audiences to engage thoughtfully with societal attitudes towards farm animals. Her work encourages a gentle, yet profound, reflection on our relationship with these creatures, fostering empathy and awareness through art.

Three Dimensional Design student, Sali Goodwin with her jewellery collection.

Three Dimensional Design student, Sali, has intertwined her love for jewellery and digital design to produce a stunning collection called 'A Growing Memory', in recognition of her late grandfather who suffered from Alzheimers.

Image shows artwork from Gray's Painting graduate, Alexandra Kane

Specialising in Painting, Alexandra's degree show uses florals to portray positive childhood memories, and follows themes of blossoming and regrowth after trauma.

Grace Angus

Embrace the charm of the Scottish outdoors with the latest creations from our talented Fashion and Textile Design student Grace. Watch as she uses local wool and our fashion manufacturing workshop to craft a range of beautiful garments.

Emily Mitchell

Immerse yourself in nature with our Three Dimensional Design student Emily! Witness her innovative use of microphones and sound equipment from our loan store, combined with the precision of our laser cutter, to bring the essence of the natural world to life in a mesmerising experience.

Laura Price - 3D Dimensional Design student at Gray's.

Laura focuses on the negative space and challenging limitations of commercial vessels. Using Gray's Ceramics Studio and 3D printers in the DesignHaus, Laura combines both digital and craft methods to create a multi-purpose functional vase with a maximalist aesthetic.

Nikkie Kewley Fashion & Textile student at Gray's.

Drawing from her childhood experiences, Nikki specialises in print and creates a mix of screen and digital prints to explore pathogens from different parts of the world. She looks into sportswear and uses flock and vinyls to add interest to her designs.

3D Design student, Hannah Woolridge, making silver jewellery for Gray's Degree Show 2024

With a strong sense of identity from her home in Orkney, Hannah uses rocks from the island to produce a stunning collection of silver jewellery full of texture. She uses ethically sourced silver and gemstones, and experiments with Gray's casting facilities and Ceramics studio.

Communication Design student Camilla des Angelis taking a photography of a model

Camilla uses photography to explore toxic masculinity. After interviewing friends, she tells a story through their eyes, unearthing feelings of loneliness, masculinity and femininity.

Roisin Spence, Fashion & Textile student from Gray's School of Art

Fashion & Textile student Roisin, has taken inspiration from nature and plants. This has made her knits quite tweedy and structural. A particular highlight throughout her studies, has been using Gray's outstanding print and knit workshops.

Rowan May Communication Design student at Gray's.

A passionate film photographer, Rowan has created a project about travelling Scotland, that encourages us all to appreciate how much there is to see on on our doorstep! Using Gray's dark rooms, she's captured images across North Aberdeenshire and incorporates graphic design into a stunning collection of work.

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