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Gray’s Graduate in Residence

The Graduate in Residence scheme enables Gray’s graduate fine artists and designers with recognised expertise and experience to participate in the delivery of the fine art/design curriculum.

Our Graduate in Residence scheme is an unpaid post, where we invite high-achieving graduates to spend time in the school. The aim is for the graduate to be able to actively contribute to the life of the school and learn more about education. We also hope that they will bring fresh thinking and new insights into our work as well as giving us a chance to benefit from their experience.

Graduate in Residence participation could take the form of:

  • Technical or theoretical demonstrations/master classes
  • Seminars or Lectures
  • Project support, including project management, crits and reviews
  • Professional practice
  • Assisting with specific course/school projects
  • Curation/Presentation of work for exhibition


To apply for our Graduate in Residence Scheme, please refer to the application guidance document before completing the application form.

Applicants are also expected to give an overview of what they hope to achieve as a result of time spent within the GiR programme.  Please provide an insight into how this project would help to further your future practice. 

Completed applications forms should be sent to by  16:00 on Friday 21 June 2024.


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