SNMPP Postgraduate Research Symposium

Thursday 23 May 2024 09:00 - 17:00

Location: H230, Ishbel Gordon Building

Ishbel Gordon Building

This symposium is an opportunity to celebrate and get to know the research carried out by postgraduate students and staff at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedic Practice (SNMPP).

Organised and led by the postgraduate students in the school, this year symposium will bring us Dr Nicole Brown as keynote speaker, discussing opportunities and challenges of creative methods in research.

The program will showcase the diversity of research carried out within the school by our postgraduate research community.

The symposium  is also a great opportunity to network with fellow postgraduate students and researchers in health and social care subjects.

Keynote speaker

Dr Nicole Brown

Dr Nicole Brown is a social researcher and author, whose expertise lies with social research practice. She is Director of Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd and Associate Professor at University College London.

Nicole conceptualises her work as sitting on the cusp of practice/teaching/research, thereby emphasising that through thinking-doing-being each area of expertise intersects with and impacts on another. In that sense, her practices as a fiction writer, poet, and educator as well as her activist work in response to, on the back of and as research represent an extension of her conceptualisation of research practice.

Nicole will share her expertise with us in a keynote presentation on Opportunities and challenges of creative research methods.


Registration to attend is open to all RGU staff and postgraduate students. Undergraduate students and NHS colleagues with interest in research or considering a research degree are also invited to attend. 

Subject to places availability, we would like to extend the invitation to attend to the wider postgraduate research community in our neighbouring  University of Aberdeen, especially those on health and social care related subjects. 

Attendance is free and lunch/refreshments will be provided during the day. 

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