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COVID-19: Advice for Staff, Students and Community
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What teaching arrangements will be in place for the next term?

We absolutely recognise the importance of face-to-face contact for our students, from both a learning and a wellbeing perspective. As such, in the first semester of the 2021/2022 academic session, RGU will continue to deliver high-quality blended learning with as much safe in-person and on-campus teaching as possible under the government guidelines available at the time of planning for the new term.

We have cautiously planned for one metre distancing on campus, which will allow us to provide considerably more in-person teaching than last year. We will endeavour to open this up even further, in line with government guidance, as the academic year progresses.

While there will be an increase in on-campus teaching delivery in terms of seminars, tutorials, workshops, lab and practical classes, there will be no large lectures. Hygiene measures, such as regular hand washing and the use of face masks, will continue to be in place across our campus.

We are hopeful that our students will enjoy an experience much closer to that which they would expect from university when the new term begins.


The health and safety of our community will remains our priority. When people are on campus we want them to feel welcome and as safe as possible at all times. In order to ensure buildings and facilities are as safe and clean as possible, the University will carry out enhanced and frequent cleaning regimes using a new range of cleaning products, scientifically proven as being effective against the COVID-19 virus.

Sanitisation stations are at entrances and receptions of all buildings and wall mounted hand sanitisation points can also be found throughout the campus.

Read full details of the safety measures in place at RGU:


The university has a wide range of subjects so specific teaching arrangements will vary from school to school. You can find an outline of what your teaching arrangements will look like for your course on CampusMoodle. Our plans will continue to be responsive to the latest guidance and may be subject to change.

How robust is RGU’s provision of online education?

We are the third largest provider of online learning in the UK. RGU has many years of experience and success of operating a combined model of learning. In fact, in normal circumstances about a third of our students are studying online. Our extensive experience in this area allowed us to rapidly transition to remote learning for all of our teaching and assessments in response to the pandemic.

Many of our courses are approved by professional and regulatory bodies and we will continue to ensure we satisfy their stringent requirements. Whether studying online or on campus, our teaching standards meet the same quality.

Student Absence

As a student, what should I do if I am not able to study or remain on placement because I am sick?

If you are unable to study or attend placement because you are sick please inform your school and follow your school’s normal protocol for absence.  In addition, a COVID-19 absence form should be completed and submitted through your RGU email account to your School at the designated email address.

If you are on placement and your enquiry is regarding your return from outside the UK due to the COVID-19, including support regarding insurance, reimbursement, accommodation, or how your studies are affected, please contact

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