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COIL@UArctic is a future-focused, globally connected, virtual learning strategy for UArctic members and partner institutions with a focus on biodiversity education and other issues, important to the North.

About COIL@UArctic

Thematic Network on Collaborative Online International Learning and Biodiversity Education across the Arctic Circle (COIL@UArctic) is a future-focused, globally connected, virtual learning strategy for UArctic members and non-members with a focus on Biodiversity Education. 

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The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a network of universities, colleges, research institutes, and other organizations concerned with education and research in and about the North.

UArctic Thematic Networks are thematic collaborative initiatives between organisations and institutions, members of UArctic, aimed at increasing the knowledge generation and sharing across the North. Empowered by local knowledge and international level academic expertise, they facilitate development of multidisciplinary solutions for challenges in the Arctic. 

The COIL@UArctic Thematic Network is one of the many Thematic Networks. A result of a partnership between institutions and organisations, united by passion for COIL and the Arctic, and its vision is aligned with the vision of UArctic: to create a strong, engaged, informed, and dynamic North, creating better lives and environments for all Northerners. 


Listen to the COIL@UArctic Thematic Network partners reflecting on the importance of COIL for the Arctic education:

COIL@UArctic Project Support

We have pulled together useful resources and information so staff and students in UArctic member institutions can find what you need to help develop, run, and participate in COIL projects. Information covered includes COIL as a pedagogy, benefits for staff and students in the Arctic, and ways to create and deliver COIL projects in your institutions, together with extensive information about working with Indigenous students and communities.

COIL@UArctic Partners

In the world of global industries, multicultural organisations and digital connectivity, we want our students to develop relevant skills and experience, ready to excel as a part of international workforce.

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COIL projects bring benefits to students, staff and wider communities by enabling intercultural partnership and collaboration, global learning and increased opportunities.

Biodiversity Education and COIL

Biodiversity is a key element in sustainability of our planet and people. COIL pedagogy is used to extend the biodiversity education to students from a variety of disciplines and institutions.


COIL@UArctic is committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing accessible quality education and developing partnership and collaboration to work towards sustainable future.

Stages of your COIL@UArctic project

COIL@UArctic projects encompass a variety of disciplines and can be delivered in a variety of formats, meeting the needs of the students and the partnering institutions at each stage.

Partnering with Indigenous students and communities

Partnering with Indigenous students and communities is at the heart of COIL@UArctic.

Contacts for COIL@UArctic

Contact the COIL@UArctic team for further help with your project, or for general enquiries.

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