Nadia Hassan

Nadia Hassan
So, you’ve graduated from studying Public Relations at RGU but what does your first year in PR look like? Nadia Hassan shares her reflections on her year with Muckle Media.

How did you start working with Muckle Media?

After I graduated, I had interviewed for other roles with other companies but hadn’t been successful and really wanted something that would give me support.

When I saw the internship opportunity with Muckle Media, I was eager to apply. The role was exactly what I was looking for, so I jumped at the chance to apply.

You’ve been in your role for just over a year, what’s been your highlights?

It has gone so quickly and I’m delighted that the role has progressed from an internship to a trainee Account Executive position. A memorable moment for me was helping get coverage on the BBC website for one of our clients.

Writing across different areas has really improved my writing skills and I really enjoy working with the team and learning from them. Collaborating with different teams has been great for building my confidence and learning within world of PR.

What is the most interesting thing about working for Muckle Media?

What really stood out to me when I started was the company values and how they are embodied by the whole team. The Muckle values are, be kind, get results and leave the world in a better place. Members of the team come from a variety of work backgrounds and are very like-minded thinkers which I found really interesting.

I have worked with different clients across different sectors including engineering and finance which has helped build my knowledge in those areas. It’s fascinating to learn of what’s happening in these industries and Nathalie Agnew the company MD is very supportive of my development along with my manager Jess Murphy and the wider team who provide great insight and guidance.

There has been a lot of support available to me at Muckle Media and everyone is really welcoming. Working across such a wide variety of tasks and projects, it has been great for building my confidence. I’ve gained valuable experience for life for sure.

What advice would you give to graduates hoping to work in PR?

Stay positive when you’re looking for roles. After I graduated there were very limited jobs but you need to keep going as something will always come up. 

When entering the workplace, ask lots of questions, this helped me improve my confidence and knowledge massively – it demonstrates that you want to learn. And an important one is to keep close communication with your team to make sure you have a good awareness of projects right from the start. 

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