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Email-for-life accounts are changing. Find out what you need to do and how this may affect you.

Alumni Email Service

From 28 February, the Alumni Email service replaces the Email for Life service and allows students to retain their email address after they graduate, for as long as they need it. As a condition of service please be aware that if an email account is not logged into within a six-month period or is only used for the purpose of forwarding email, it will be classed as inactive and will be permanently closed. An email will be sent to inform of this action prior to closure.

We have written to our existing Alumni to advise of this service change, therefore please be aware that if your account has been inactive, or only used for the purposes of forwarding email, and you do not login before the 28 February 2021 then your email address will be classed as inactive and closed.

The change of the Email for Life service to the Alumni Email service for alumni does not affect those members of staff who are also alumni. 

Access to student accounts

Student email accounts will remain open after graduation and will become alumni email accounts. You will continue to have access to your email account on the condition that you log in within a six-month period. In line with the cessation of your studies, you will no longer have access to your University provisioned OneDrive.

Having trouble accessing your account

RGU IT Services are in the process of updating staff and student email in the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 environment to further support remote working. As part of this change we have updated your Microsoft based login from your matriculation email ( to your standard name based email ( 

If you receive emails to your matriculation email account you will still be able to access them as normal by logging in with your new username. This update will not affect any other access to RGU based systems such as CampusMoodle and your password has not been changed. 

Email forwarding

If you have email forwarding set up, but do not use your account for any other purpose, it will be classed as inactive and closed on the 28 February 2021 when the service changes take effect. After this time, no further emails will be forwarded unless you have logged in and accessed your account before the deadline.

If you have any questions, please email

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