Promoting Sustainable Travel

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Promoting Sustainable Travel

RGU recognises the importance of promoting active travel, which includes walking, wheeling and cycling, to reduce emissions from staff and students commuting to the campus.

RGU is committed to sustainable practices, to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. As part of this, the University is promoting active travel among staff and students, which includes walking, wheeling and cycling, to reduce emissions from commuting to campus. This is particularly useful in replacing shorter journeys (<5 miles) made by less sustainable options, such as single occupancy car journeys.

Thanks to funding from Cycling Scotland, RGU now employs a Campus Cycling Officer, who is working towards RGU achieving the Cycling Friendly Campus award. The University is developing a Cycling Strategy with the focus on:

  • Strategy and Governance: to set out the direction and way of managing the development of cycling on campus, based on stakeholder engagement and data.
  • Promotion and Communication: to encourage cycling and promote behavioural change around travel choices, providing support at any stage of change towards adopting cycling as main mode of commuting.
  • Services and Facilities: to provide high-quality cycling infrastructure, facilities and services to students, staff and visitors to/from and on campus.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: to track the performance of projects and measure the impact of outcomes.

Following a successful funding application to Cycling Scotland’s Campus Development Fund, the University has used the awarded funding to install new secure bike parking, helmet lockers, a cycle ramp and provide repair toolkits.

RGU is currently exploring other sources of funding to support future cycling initiatives and GoGreen’s BikePad project, which allows staff and students to hire bikes for a semester or a whole year. Staff can also benefit from the Cycle to Work scheme with further cycling initiatives and events being planned for academic year 2021-22.

Any enquiry on cycling can be emailed to Transport and will be dealt with by the Campus Cycling Officer.

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