Board of Governors Committees


Board of Governors Committees

The Board of Governors appoints and regulates the Standing Committees which carry out the statutory obligations of the University. Standing Committees will, from time to time, establish Sub-Committees in order to assist them in undertaking their remits.

Audit Committee

An essential role of the governing body of RGU is to establish proper arrangements to ensure the effective discharge of its responsibilities. The Board of Governors must secure an effective internal audit service.

Chair's Committee

Operating on behalf of the Board of Governors where it is impracticable to convene a meeting of the Board of Governors, the Chair's Committee considers urgent matters and matters requiring a high degree of confidentiality and advises the Principal on the exercise of powers relating to the organisation and management of the University.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

The remit includes to advise the Board of Governors on policy, strategy and planning in relation to all estates and financial matters and also includes making recommendation to the Board of Governors for approval of the annual budgets for income and expenditure.

Governance and Nominations Committee

The remit includes to advise the Board of Governors on the evaluation of the balance of skills, attributes and experience required from membership of the governing body. As part of the requirements of the Scottish Code, the Board is required to draw up and make public such an evaluation.

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The Health & Safety committee's purpose is to contribute to the provision by the university of a safe and secure environment for work, study and visit, both on- and off- campus, to ensure that the university’s reputation is of the highest standing relative to its strategic intent.

Remuneration Committee

The remit includes to determine the pay policy and related terms and conditions of employment for all staff on senior manager grades, and those roles rated as equivalent.

Staff Governance Committee

The principal purpose of the Committee is to ensure that the University has a clear human resource strategy that has appropriate synergies with other strategies and is appropriate, realistic and achievable.

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