MSc Business and Management Programme

The MSc Business and Management Programme is a suite of courses which provide the opportunity and flexibility to follow a curriculum which best aligns with your subject interests and future career aspirations.

Aberdeen Business School aims to develop and enthuse professional thinkers and innovative contributors through our business connected learning, teaching and impactful research.

The MSc Business and Management Programme complements the above mission, and will provide you with the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge albeit built upon a broad general business understanding.

The MSc Business and Management Programme follows a contemporary and broad-based curriculum allowing graduates to transition successfully into challenging managerial careers.  Students may choose to weave areas of specialism into their studies and the programme offers sufficient flexibility to allow students to tailor their studies to suit their developing career aspirations.

The Programme comprises a suite of course titles:

Extended Master’s – 12 month placement 

We offer an extended Master’s route, starting in September, on our traditional 1-year route which incorporates a 12 month placement. This route has a duration of 24 months, and will follow the same teaching programme as the 1 year course. On completion of the 9-month teaching programme (mid-May) you will start start your placement no later than September and will complete your placement by the following June prior to graduation in July.

Evidence suggests that graduates who can demonstrate relevant work experience have a better chance of securing a graduate level job. Building on your academic knowledge you will develop excellent transferable skills, have the opportunity to develop your business networks, have access to future referees and build your self-confidence. The placement experience is also an excellent testing ground for future career choices.

For more information, please visit the relevant course pages and click on Placements and Jobs.

Programme Themes


All courses in the programme have been built around four core themes – these themes run through the curricula of each of the named course routes:

  • Professionally skilled – regardless of previous academic background, you will graduate with a comprehensive and contemporary range of technical and non-technical skills. You will focus on the academic skills required of you as master's level student, before exploring the professional skills needed in the workplace and in any one of the many professional bodies you may go on to become a member of
  • Globally aware – you will consider your own discipline speciality through a global lens and be able to recognise the global economic, social and political trends which impact upon your organisation
  • Discipline Specialist – you will build a solid grounding in the contemporary areas of management with modules focusing on finance, economics, HR, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, risk, resilience, globalisation and quality management
  • Strategic Thinker - regardless of the discipline specialism chosen, you will develop the ability to provide well researched solutions to contemporary strategic challenges. By understanding the contribution of every member of your organisation to the achievement of strategic success, you will be well placed to progress seamlessly into your chosen field of work