Flowers from the garden
Image by: Anne Campbell

Our "Garden in the Quad" flourishes with spring in full swing

By Clara Maurillon - 03 May 2023

The "Garden in the Quad" at the Garthdee House Annex is a gardening project which aims to increase biodiversity on our premises, as part of the Vibrant Campus initiative. Project leader Anne Campbell gives us an update on how the garden is coming along, with spring breathing a new life into the space.

"The bulbs we planted in autumn are all flowering. Crocus, daffodils, tulips and narcissi are bringing some welcome colours to the quad. We have two beds with herbs: parsley, sage, thyme, marjoram and curry plant, all thriving! Please feel free to pick a few leaves to add to your dinner.

"There are also leeks and some early salad greens. The fruit bushes, gooseberries, blueberries, blackberries and currants are beginning to leaf and our plum trees have blossomed. We also have two sacks of early potatoes growing.

"On top of all this, we have installed a new sculptural piece in the garden by artist Ane Smith, which has a rowan tree surrounded by earth sown with wild flowers and a bath for the birds.

"In the past few months, we have noticed an increase in the insect population in the garden and a subsequent increase in the number of birds coming down into the space."


"There is a lot to do over the next few months!"

"In terms of plans for the future,  we are currently planning to have a deep bed for courgettes and another full of a mixed variety of lettuce leaves.

"There are also still more potatoes to grow, alongside chard, kale and spinach, peas and beans, so this is something to look forward to. We will also need to water the pots still to be filled with a variety of flowers over the summer to ensure that they bloom. And of course, let's not forget weeding.

"Additionally, there are four deep beds ready to be set up in Gray's School of Art. These will be for salad greens and a dyers garden."

"We would love you to get involved"

"From Wednesday 17th May, we will meet every Wednesday lunchtime at 12.30 at The Potting Shed, our den in the Quad. We have facilities to make tea and coffee there and tables and chairs inside in case it starts raining. We will be able to have our lunch and discuss what needs done in the coming week.

"We would welcome donations of pots/planters for the veranda area, as we’d like to bring some colour to the space with the wooden seats. We are also in the process of buying some more soil and bedding plants.

"And above all, you are most welcome to visit the garden as the season progresses and the plants mature, and to help yourselves to some of the produce. Some of the herbs can already be picked now, such as parsley marjoram, and sage.

"You can also join our community online. We have two social media platforms for sharing information: WhatsApp – Quad Gardening Group - and Facebook - Quad Gardening Group - both private. We intend to share gardening info, recipes, and other articles of interest including about other initiatives both in the UK and overseas.

"Finally, we are excited to have been invited to contribute to Seed Broadcast in New Mexico’s online journal later in the year, to talk about our project!"

For more information on any aspect of this gardening initiative, please email Anne Campbell.


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