Caroline Laurenson, Founder of Kindspace

Kindspace: A success story from the RGU Startup Accelerator

By Clara Maurillon - 01 December 2022

The RGU Startup Accelerator is back for its fifth year, and we are looking for budding entrepreneurs to apply! The 2023 programme is open to RGU students and alumni who have graduated within the last 5 years and offers the chance to turn innovative ideas into viable businesses.

The Startup Accelerator has already supported 86 businesses across the region, including Kindspace, a wellbeing platform accessible through voice technology "Alexa". Aisha Kasim, Start Up Manager at RGU, tells us more about the business' success story. 

"Kindspace was launched in 2020 by husband-and-wife Caroline and Thomas Laurenson to help combat the widespread loneliness experienced during the pandemic. They had some experience of other accelerator programmes but found that, as things progressed, the business needed to pivot. The RGU Innovation Accelerator in 2021 - funded by the Wood Foundation - came at the right time for Kindspace, with takeaways from the RGU business development programme still being the building blocks of their present-day business model. 

"On top of almost starting from scratch with their business model, Caroline especially appreciated the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspect of the RGU Accelerator Programme as she found this very much aligned with her own business values. The distinctive ESG focus of the programme provided tools and guidance on how to strengthen this aspect of her business. 

"When applying for accelerator programmes, Caroline feared there may be some challenges around inclusivity as a woman in tech and a busy mother. However, she found the RGU Accelerator to be flexible and able to meet her needs. In addition to the funding and advice, some academic and research opportunities were made possible through their RGU Accelerator programme association that otherwise would not have been available. This access to specialised skillsets has allowed them to make improvements such as developing their dashboard with the assistance of computing students at RGU." 

Caroline shares why students with an interest in entrepreneurship should take part in the programme:

"You might feel like it is going to be a big time commitment or that making time around your other responsibilities will be difficult. However, the programme is really well structured and will give your business dedicated time to focus on key strategic building blocks. You will also be inspired by the other entrepreneurs and this support network will be invaluable in your entrepreneurial journey going forward."


Successful applicants to the RGU Startup Accelerator could receive:

  • Equity-free funding
  • 5 months of skill development 
  • Access to city centre co-working facilities
  • Industry mentor support
  • Opportunity to pitch at our showcase event

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