Katie Guest, Sport Scholar

RGU SPORT Scholarship skiing success for Katie

By Jack Stott - 21 February 2022

Katie Guest, an RGU student studying MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration), has been developing her sporting talents to the highest levels alongside her academic studies with support from the RGU SPORT Scholarship programme.

Katie is a para skiing guide which involves guiding her partner, Menna Fitzpatrick, downhill in as quick a time as possible. As Menna is a visually impaired athlete, the pair use a variety of tools, such as two-way Bluetooth headsets, high visibility clothing, and precise verbal cues to achieve success. The duo has been working together for the past seven months and, so far, have achieved Gold at the Para Slalom World Championships. They are now aiming to be selected for the Team GB Paralympic squad heading to the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing next month. 

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Katie says: “Having previously raced internationally, I have always loved ski racing. However, being a guide provided a new interesting take on ski racing. For me, the best thing about guiding is the team element. You are no longer competing individually, but, as a pair. 

“It has been really rewarding to gain Menna's trust, and continuously grow this Visually Impaired Guide relationship. I have also really enjoyed the challenge of not only concentrating on my own technique but continuously making adjustments to suit Menna's speed/ line. 

“RGU has been invaluable regarding the support provided. The RGU SPORT team have been awesome in letting me use the facilities when on campus and providing financial support. I have to say a massive thank you to all the physiotherapy teaching staff who have not only been incredible at staying in touch but helping with any content queries and allowing the continuation of studies whilst abroad training. 

“Without the backing from my course lead—Victoria Park—and personal tutor—Gavin Tomas—alongside all the teaching staff for allowing deferral of modules and postponement of deadlines, none of this would have been possible.” 

The RGU SPORT team and schools across the University work closely together to ensure Sport Scholar athletes receive appropriate academic flexibility and support to enable them to achieve their sporting goals while working towards academic success.

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