Rewarding the enhancement of the student experience through Partnership Awards

By Jack Stott - 24 June 2021

Our Partnership Awards celebrate enhancements to the learning experience at RGU when created by students in partnership with the university. Three of this year's winners share their success and tips for getting the most out of the university experience.

The best way for students to make the most of your time at university is to get stuck in and take part in some extracurricular activities. This doesn't just mean sports clubs and socialising. RGU is committed to working in partnership with students and provides opportunities for them to engage in a variety of feedback activities to help improve the student experience. The Partnership Awards recognise those times where students have done this and been particularly successful at improving life at RGU for their peers.

We spoke to three of our Partnership Award winners to hear about their successes of working in partnership with RGU and what they think other students could do to get the most out of their university experience.

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Partnership Award winner Vivien Yu

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A multiple award winner for RGU, Vivien has earned an RGU Partnership Award 2021, a Full Scarlet Award 2021 (RGU), the Society Person of the Year 2021 (RGU), the Women to Watch 2020 (RPS) award, and the David Kearney Award 2021 (BPSA).

Through working with staff and lecturers at the School of Pharmacy & Life Science, Vivien has been able to curate feedback from her peers and convey their views and experiences across this challenging year in the face of the pandemic. This supported her peers and supported the university in its shift to online teaching and learning as COVID struck.

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Partnership Award winner Ross Fleming

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Awarded with the Certificate of Recognition, Partnership Award.

Ross knows that working directly with RGU and the Student’s Union, making real changes to the student learning experience, gives an enormous sense of pride in all that the university community has worked to achieve. It is also beneficial to everyone, knowing that their feedback is being listened to and acted upon.

Through working in partnership, Ross gained better listening skills, more confidence, and a new level of open-mindedness—all of which enhanced his communication skills. He now has excellent relationships with his peers and members of staff that he works alongside regularly.

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Partnership Award winner Irina-Cristina Bogdan

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Awarded Student School Officer of the Year 2021.

Through working in partnership, Irina-Cristina gained transferable skills in communication, leadership, collaboration, diplomacy, active listening, presentation, problem solving, and creativity. She encourages students to apply for the Partnership Awards because they are tangible proof for the recipients that they have the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team of students and staff and contribute to the enhancement of the student learning experience at RGU.

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