Mohaned Mahdi with his thesis

Machine learning PhD success for Mohaned

By David Proctor - 21 February 2024

A PhD researcher who conducted a study on how machine learning can be used to select artificial lift methods that provide tangible solutions to industry challenges has passed RGU's Doctor of Philosophy viva.

Mohaned Mahdi completed his PhD earlier this year, following three years of rigorous study.  His thesis was titled "An Integrated Approach to Select Artificial Lift (AL) Method Using Machine Learning." The study uses innovative machine learning techniques to revolutionise the process by analysing data from 100 wells in a Sudanese oilfield that is experiencing excessive production loss due to suboptimal AL selection.

He said: "Both my supervision team and the graduate school had an excellent support framework in place, and they were both capable of providing student-centered support. As a result, I was able to narrow my research to a topic of excellent personal interest to me, allowing me to pursue a research career in a field I enjoy.

"My viva 'examination' took place online using the Zoom online video platform, which was convenient because it began with a ten-minute presentation summarising my thesis. The examiners asked detailed questions about my research. I was asked to step aside so that the two examiners could confer before sharing my results. I was anxiously waiting to be called back into the Zoom waiting room. I was called in after ten or so minutes, and both examiners smiled at me. I was informed that I passed the viva with minor corrections."

Mohaned, who has had two journal papers published from his PhD research, is now working as the Schlumberger SLB EUR PRS Resources Coordinator for artificial lift and completion.

Mohaned added: "The collegiate and friendly environment has been a benefit to me during my time at university. Everyone has been extremely supportive, and I will never forget the invaluable assistance of all of my supervisors, who were present every step of the way and prepared me for the viva."

Dr Mohamed Amish, from the School of Engineering and Mohaned's PhD supervisor, said: “I am overjoyed by our PhD graduates, and I am especially pleased and proud of Mohaned for what he has achieved. He has demonstrated a strong understanding of the sector and vision as to how we tackle future challenges.”




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