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Play and Stay with RGU's Summer of Sport

By Clara Maurillon - 12 June 2024

To celebrate this year's incredible summer of sport, RGU SPORT is organising three events for the Euros, Wimbledon, and the Olympics. These "Play and Stay" events will allow staff, students, and the wider community to try out a new physical activity and watch live sport.

As we enter the summer months, exciting sporting events are starting to happen all over the world, with many looking forward to cheering for their favourite teams or athletes. RGU SPORT is looking to bring this energy on our campus with gatherings aiming to allow participants to take a break from the worries of work and life, have some fun, and maybe even learn something new. 

Each of the three events will start with a relaxed trial of a sport or physical activity that can be done at RGU SPORT, followed by a sporting event screening relating to that activity. For example, Teqball Table will be played for the Euros, Pickleball for Wimbledon, and Weightlifting for the Olympics.

Participants can drop-in at any time, and decide to only come for the sport session, the screening, or both. The goal is for everyone to enjoy their time and only do things they are comfortable with. 

RGU SPORT organised these events with wellbeing at their core. We all know it is easy to get overwhelmed with the stress of everyday responsibilities and never-ending deadlines. This is why it is important to draw some boundaries and make sure to take some time to sit back and relax.

And while the events encourage everyone to take a break, they are also a great opportunity to network and meet new people. 

The laid-back nature of “Play and Stay” also debunks the stereotype that sports can only be competitive. The play sessions will be fun, informative, and open to everyone regardless of their previous experience. They are a way to learn something new, get moving, and socialise.

There is no need to have an RGU SPORT membership, everyone can participate. 


Here is more information about each session if you are interested in taking part:

Play and Stay Euros - Wednesday 19 June 2024

2.30pm: Teqball Table Tutorial

3pm: Croatia vs Albania

Play and Stay Wimbledon - Thursday 11 July and Friday 12 July 2024

TBC: Pickleball

TBC: Gentlemen's Single Semi-Finals

Play and Stay Olympics - Friday 9 August 2024

TBC: Weightlifting Session

TBC: Weightlifting Finals

Keep an eye out for timings as these will be updated in the following weeks. 

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