RGU estates staff using a blower on campus

RGU Grounds Equipment Goes Green

By Emma Anderson - 02 May 2024

RGU’s commitment to net zero is being reflected in the introduction of new electric grounds equipment.

The University’s estates team have replaced petrol-powered kit with a range of greener strimmer’s, hedge cutters, chain saws and leaf blowers. They are all made by German manufacturer Stihl and are in the company’s classic colour of orange.

The switch from petrol operated grounds equipment is all part of RGU’s efforts to help cut emissions but as well as this the new Stihl gear will mean less is paid out to maintain the machinery and they will be quieter than the petrol alternatives.


Brian Strachan, Campus Services Manager at RGU, said: “In line with RGU’s drive to net zero, we are phasing out as many petrol driven pedestrian machines as we can and replacing these with greener electrical alternatives. We plan to continue this until the majority of our equipment is electrically powered, although we will still need to retain a small amount of petrol driven items for specific reasons and requirements.

“There are clear benefits in doing this like less use of fossil fuels, no harmful emissions, cheaper maintenance costs and quieter operation. Our plan, in the fullness of time, would be to extend this to larger machines such as pedestrian mowers, ride-on mowers and utility vehicles.”

RGU is committed to supporting the Scottish Government’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 and the University aims to deliver its commitment through its operations, academic offer and its thriving innovation environment. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also form an important part of the University’s commitment to sustainability and the switch by the estates to electric equipment actively reflects this.


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