RGU celebrates Care Experienced Week

RGU celebrates Care Experienced Week
Care Experienced Week takes place between Friday 23 to Saturday 31 October 2020. Brian Webb, Access Pathways Lead at RGU, shares his thoughts on the week and how RGU supports its students.

Care experienced week is a chance to celebrate the talent and achievements of those who have experienced residential, foster or kinship care. Some of the most talented learners in our colleges and universities are care experienced. These students join us with a wealth of skills and determination and we are proud of their achievements, as should they be.

Like any student coming to college or university, care experienced students have already secured much success; their talent and commitment, together with the support of those around them, have enabled them to progress to the next stage of their learner journey. As an organisation looking after care experienced students we act as ‘corporate parents’ and should be alert to their needs, promote their interests and seek to provide opportunities that will help them to succeed in their studies and as individuals.

We’ve shown that this approach works at RGU, where we continue to see the numbers of care experienced students grow. Indeed, RGU is the only post-92 university which has maintained a 100% success rate for care experienced students. This outcome is testament to the talents of these learners, combined with the efforts of our high-quality student support services.

Going to university can be a daunting prospect and many prospective students will look to previous experiences or family for support in getting through new challenges. In many cases, a disrupted education or lack of family support may make the transition to university study a more intimidating experience for care leavers.

Care leavers studying at RGU can count on 365 days of accommodation. They have a home with us no matter their cycle of studies. We offer a dedicated advisor for face to face support throughout the learning journey and access to a discretionary fund for financial support – for when life takes you by surprise.

These services are key to ensuring students feel supported as they navigate their studies. RGU is proud to support our care experienced students and celebrate their success and we are committed to working in close partnership with our students to continue to support and maximise their success.

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