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Meet RGU’s latest cohort of start-up entrepreneurs

By Edward Pollock, Innovation Manager at RGU - 16 February 2022

For the first time ever, RGU’s accelerator programme has been open to anyone living in the North East of Scotland and, after an intense search with hundreds of applicants, the final teams have now been selected.

This year’s cohort—who will benefit from five months of training, £5,000 in seed funding each, mentorship, and co-working space—include ideas ranging from clean energy technology, blockchain developers, a fire safety device, inclusive mannequins, educational mathematics platforms, vertical farming and much more.

After an intense bootcamp weekend of pitching, the final teams were selected to join the programme starting in February 2022. They will be challenged to test their assumptions, conduct market analysis, evaluate their business models, create financial projections, pitch their concepts and develop their ideas for the grand showcase, which takes place on Thursday 12 May 2022.

Find out more about the programme by heading to our Accelerator page.

The following is a list of the 37 teams and their intentions, providing a glimpse of the possibilities you are able to pursue here at RGU.

49 Swim

Founded by: Ruth Bryce and Robert Bryce

We are creating the first sustainable, high quality and circular swimwear brand for competitive male and female swimmers. We will use recycled materials and provide the option for customers to return old suits to be remade into new products to minimise our impact on the planet.


Founded by: Youcef Ahmanache and Fahmi Bahrini

We are using artificial intelligence and deep learning to digitise complex engineering documents like piping and instrumentation diagrams. Our system will reduce cost and time for organisations and allow users to quickly answer complex engineering queries through our graph database.


Founded by: Guy Phillips and Jeremy Adderley

We are designing and manufacturing a unique, outdoor hexagonal building inspired by nature that uses modular components to allow quick and easy assemble on site. We use locally sourced green timbers, and our buildings can be used as home offices, glamping pods, or studios.

Beyond Reality

Founded by: Andrew Hunter and Omar Iqbal

We are creating extended reality content for education, entertainment and enterprise applying virtual and augmented reality technologies. We are also developing unique hardware technology that will allow multiple people to have their full body tracked so that they can to interact in a virtual space at the same time.

CD Corp

Founded by: Ryan Aitken and Murdo McCandlish

We are supporting businesses to utilise blockchain technology to improve their operations through a consultancy service. We have started by providing authentication procedures using non-fungible tokens for high-end whiskey to increase transparency, traceability and reduce counterfeit products.

CP Design Studio

Founded by: Claudia Padula and Luis Ibarra Moreno

We seek to transform homes into spaces that safeguard wellbeing and ensure productivity by allowing customers to test and visualise the design for home renovation projects. We will use immersive 3D interaction, augmented reality, and virtual reality technology to create virtual models of their dream home. 

Everybody Counts

Founded by: Andy Ridgway and Judy Hornigold

We are creating a universally applicable maths programme that can be translated into any language and fit into any curriculum through using interactive, practical online content. This gives access to the world leading Singapore maths programme to all children for an affordable price.

EveryBody Mannequins

Founded by: Alina Reiber

We are creating a mannequin brand that creates realistic bodysuits and mannequins that are more inclusive and reflective of the population including diverse body sizes and disabilities. We aim to reduce the negative impacts on mental health due to unrealistic body representation within retail stores.


Founded by: Reji Jacob

We are developing an integrated platform to connect health-related data from devices such as smart watches, cameras and sensors used by the aging population to track behaviour. We will use artificial intelligence to present a user-friendly dashboard to help the users and their carers make decisions.

Grown Agritech

Founded by: Duarte Carvalho and Vinay Arja

We are building an agriculture technology company specialised in designing, developing, and implementing ready to use indoor food growing systems. We will bring production closer to consumption by using technologies that help grow crops commercially without the use of soil, and in controlled climatic conditions.

H20 Heroes

Founded by: Kairn Mckee, Rosie Payne and Louise Richardson

We are creating an app and companion board game which shall deliver key safety messages starting with beach and water safety in an engaging way using augmented reality, audio messaging, and treasure hunts to produce educational content that can help save lives.

Intelligent Learning Solutions

Founded by: Diane Duguid

We are introducing an educational technology platform to host simple, easy-to-understand, fully interactive digital revision courses in discrete units. We will start with mathematics topics written by qualified teachers and our aim is to bring the concept of an after-school tutor to the digital age.

Jade Elizabeth

Founded by: Jade Duffield

We are assembling a collective of ethical and sustainable fashion designers starting in the North East to manufacture and sell locally sourced and made clothing and accessories. We will use only organic and sustainable materials and our workshops will aim to reduce the culture of fast fashion.

Kitchen Integrated Fire Suppression System

Founded by: Alexandra Spencer and Ashley Barr

We are designing a competitive fire suppression system which is compact, maintenance free and can be fitted and retrofitted into any kitchen. The system will keep customers safe by automatically detecting and responding to a fire and notifying occupants.

Magnitude AI

Founded by: Adinath Ghadage, Rohit Bhimrao Jondhale and Shilraj Kolhe

We are developing an automated insulin injector device for patients suffering from diabetes that can provide real time tracking of blood sugar levels. Our device uses artificial intelligence to analyse the data and inject a safe dose while sending real time updates to the patent and medical staff.

MYLS Blockchain Development

Founded by: Scott Downie and Laura Mylles

We are creating a series of software plug-ins and a consultation service to allow companies in the energy sector to integrate blockchain technology into their existing operations. This technology will improve security, accountability and distribution in our customer’s businesses.

North East Vertical Farming

Founded by: Jordan Devenny and Leon Marwick

We are creating a community-centred vertical farming concept, which seeks to utilise former industrial spaces to grow crops. This method reduces land, water, and energy compared with conventional land farming practices, and will offer the people of the North East the opportunity to manage their own food supply and reduce their own carbon footprint.

Ocean Punks

Founded by: Maria Isabel Ayala Gragera and Cameron Esson

We are curating a digital art collection to combine blockchain technology and the concept of non-fungible tokens with the ethos of sustainability. We will allow investors to purchase artwork from emerging creators whilst contributing to a cause such as the reduction of ocean pollution.


Founded by: Erfan ZamaniGoldeh, Theo Dounas and Sonia Beygi

We are building digital marketplace specialising in products with a parametric design where either designer can sell existing products or users can upload their designs. Our technology will convert designs it into components that can be laser cut or 3D printed to be built like a 3D puzzle.

PCOS Buddy

Founded by: Anjula Sandhu

We are developing a mobile app for persons suffering with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) that allows the user to track symptoms. This allows users to measure trends and be better informed on their lifestyle and health behaviours and supports medical professionals in designing and monitoring treatments and reducing the cost of care.


Founded by: Jair Detsch and Jonas Detsch

We are creating a platform that matches those who like to cook with guests to provide an alternative to eating out, the opportunity to network and meet new people. The system will allow users to exchange payment and seeks to reducing unhealthy eating and loneliness.


Founded by: Natalia Kerr

We are designing and producing cruelty free, environmentally friendly, and ethical apparel and accessories using plant-based materials. We seek to reduce the cycle of fast fashion and reduce the use of toxic chemicals to create beautiful products which are good for our planet.

Project Mareel

Founded by: Hunter Inkster and Ian McDonald

We are developing a platform to connect small and medium sized businesses with debt providers which collates and analyses information, and produces a credit risk proposal to make bank borrowing simpler, fairer and more transparent.


Founded by: Andrew MacLeod, Alasdair Stevenson, Chi Kwan Wong, Graeme Hossack, Kenneth Ritchie and Michele MacLeod

We are developing a zero carbon, smart, plug-in energy storage boiler with patent pending technology that can replace existing oil, coal, and gas boilers. It stores excess energy generated from domestic solar or wind turbines as heat reducing energy waste and cost.


Founded by: Jemma Reynolds and Christine Edwards

We are introducing waste management solutions for isolate island communities that will convert, farming, distillery, and brewery waste into biogas. This will create advanced energy solutions and a nutrient rich biofertilizer to reduce the carbon impact for these communities and support their energy independence.

The Habitat People - The Carbon Shop

Founded by: David Hunter

We are creating a local and accessible carbon offsetting ecosystem using wildflower meadows, wetlands, and woodlands to allow individuals and companies to compensate for their emissions. We will offer individuals plots that are ecologically sound, precise and grid referenced in the North East.


Founded by: Javier Domínguez

We are developing a patent-pending ocean device which can either generate unprecedented levels of tides and waves energy or store energy. The system brings flexibility in managing energy demand and reduce costs, improve access, safety, and efficiency to a decarbonised energy infrastructure.

Two Raccoons

Founded by: Lasse Melgaard Rasmussen and Elliott Martens

We are cultivating an urban winery which turns surplus fruits into limited-edition wines with exciting flavours such as banana, mango, strawberry, and blackcurrant. We will collaborate with food businesses to reduce their food waste while providing a carbon-negative alternative to imported wine.


Founded by: Gokulkrishna Radhakrishnan, Ignatius Thomas and Janet Zagah

We are developing an all-in-one system to generate green hydrogen using eco-friendly technologies to give customers energy independence. Our system provides on-site hydrogen production, conversion to electricity and storage to allow customers to be carbon positive.

Wantonwells Farm

Founded by: Beatrice Fettes and Rosie Leagas

We are developing a food centre and community hub to produce natural, affordable and healthy local food and drinks. We will provide kitchens and workspaces, a shop, and a cafe to help reconnect  local producers with customers in Aberdeenshire to create a sustainable food ecosystem.

Water to Water

Founded by: Alex Gauntt

We help with projects to create and develop renewable energy through green hydrogen for farms and rural communities. We guide and consult with customers to find solutions that allow them to be energy independent and generate their own heat, transport fuel and electricity.

Wave Energy Converter

Founded by: Ravindran Narayanan

We are designing a unique, compact, and powerful wave energy converter which can be installed either as a standalone unit or as an array with multiple connected devices. We will generate renewable energy from the ocean tides and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for our energy needs.


Founded by: Darius Roman and Ioannis Antonopoulos

We are developing a no-code platform that allows engineers or scientists to quickly and effortlessly design, build, and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning models. The platform automates the process using templates and thus eliminates the need for expensive data science teams.

Zephyrus Aerolabs

Founded by: Christopher Solomon, Saurabh Kumar and Christos Vamvakas

We are pioneering a real-time emission monitoring solution using drone technology to measure greenhouse and hazardous gases directly from the source. We will provide accurate and reliable data to support rapid mitigation efforts needed for a sustainable and effective move towards Net Zero.  

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