From start-ups to multi-nationals, we provide companies with a wide range of business support.

Training & Development

srcImageTeaserTraining & Development

Training and development opportunities for your staff.

Research for Business

srcImageTeaserResearch for Business

Strong research provides opportunities to interact with the wider community through knowledge transfer.



Helping businesses prosper and have a positive impact on their local economies.

Recruiting Graduates

srcImageTeaserRecruiting Graduates

Find out about the benefits of student work placements and corporate scholarships.

Energy Courses

Energy Courses

Improve and develop the skills and knowledge of your workforce in the Energy sector to enhance personal and company capabilities.



RGU:Wellness offers a suite of specialist services to support the health and wellbeing agendas of clients in all sectors.

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  1. 04, July, 2017 OPINION PIECE: Leadership Week…..a cure for weak leadership?

    Ian Broadbent

    The last few months have brought the subject of leadership into sharp focus. From the extraordinary events of 2016’s Brexit vote and the US Presidential race, to the “strong and stable” versus “weak and wobbly” narrative of the recent UK General Election, it seems that skilled leadership has rarely been in such demand, and yet its secrets remain as elusive as ever.  

  2. 22, June, 2017 Professor David McClean to deliver presentation to Scottish Heads of Planning

    David McClean

    Professor David McClean, Head of the Robert Gordon University (RGU) Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, will this Friday give a presentation to the Chief Planner for Scotland and more than 30 other Heads of Planning from across the country.  

  3. 08, June, 2017 RGU Architecture students launch crowdfunding for London exhibition

    Ross Cowie and Ross Robinson

    Students from Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help promote their work to an international audience in London.