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Tina Aburrow – CAP

Tina Aburrow - Contemporary Art Practice

North East roots provide inspiration for creative contemporary art student.

A creative student from the North East of Scotland will showcase her final year project which highlights the role of women in culture at the annual Gray’s Degree Show.

Tina Aburrow, who is originally from Ross-shire but now lives in Arbroath, has spent the last four years honing her craft on the Contemporary Art Practice (CAP) course.

Having previously working as a product developer, Tina was keen to expand on her knowledge and skills and the course at Gray’s provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

“I knew I wanted to have a try at a bit of everything, and that I enjoyed the ideas and conceptual development of ideas so CAP seemed ideal for me,” Tina said.

“I really enjoyed the artistic side of the job and decided to try my hand at Contemporary Art, enjoying the stories behind art, the influences and contextualisation of ideas into creative projects.

“I have felt very privileged to attend Gray’s School of Art. The tutors are a fountain of knowledge, are very welcoming and helpful. The technicians have been a major help on my journey, always willing to go with my map cap schemes and guide me to push myself into developing ideas further. There have naturally been ups and downs, but luckily the ups far outweigh the downs.”

Tina’s work has predominantly focused on culture, history and identity, and her interests in anthropology, ancestral knowledge and the roles these have on modern day identities, have played a big part in her final year show.

“I am intrigued by being from the North East of Scotland, and an area particularly rich in Pictish histories. I have a great affiliation with my roots and what they mean to me. This theme has carried through from my first steps in higher education at Dundee and Angus College.

“My degree show is looking at women’s roles within the culture of the north east, the ideas that we absorb our surroundings and my personal pull to the sea. Questioning if that is from my personal history, or is it inherited.

“Within my project I have been looking at deep mapping, inherited knowledge, identity, cultural diversity, language, sensory memories and celebrating our similarities across the region.”

Throughout Tina’s time at Gray’s School of Art there have been many highlights, but a trip to the Islands provided her with great inspiration.

“Going to Shetland, two years in the row, has been the absolute highlight. Being given the opportunity of exploring the incredible landscape, the people and the histories, as well as meeting up with Gray’s alumni was just brilliant. Jim Buckley, the lead tutor on the inspiration trips, ensured that all attending got something from each element of the trip, pushing us to explore and to go beyond our comfort zones.

“Generally, the whole experience has been a highlight, to be able to explore my passions and interests whilst harnessing experts’ knowledge and facilities really can’t be bettered.”

Tina is now looking towards the future and life at university, where she hopes to utilise the knowledge and skills she has acquired while studying at Gray’s.

“I want to investigate the implementation of what I have learnt, to explore the local scene and see where I can help or influence. I feel lucky to stay in Arbroath, as it is within the catchment area of both Aberdeen and Dundee, and I think if I am versatile, and hardworking I might be able to utilise both city’s creative worlds.

“I have worked within the Prison in Inverness doing creative activities with the inmates, this is something I would like to develop further, hopefully closer to home. I want art to be accessible in whatever context and environment that might be.”

You can see Tina’s Degree Show work at Gray’s School of Art from June 15 – 22.

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