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Collaboration & Organisational Culture

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Collaboration & Organisational Culture
This course will integrate elements of collaborative working, co-operative behaviours, knowledge sharing and organisational culture. Participants will be able to explore collaborative working within their organisation and critically discuss how teams form and function.

Participants will be asked to analyse the barriers to effective collaboration within the context of their own environment and reflect upon their own interpersonal skills in response to these challenges.  Participants will then develop an action plan that will ensure their organisation will have the appropriate skills and talents to manage and measure collaboration to achieve strategic growth.

All our growth courses are recommended for those interested in successfully growing a business. Our courses are most appropriate for employees in SME’s with a growth ambition. However, they are also appropriate for employees of larger organisations who are seeking support in growing a subdivision of the company or who lead a team with a growth objective.

This course has one study option
Mode of Attendance
Mode of Study
Start Date
Course Length
Mode of Attendance
  • On Campus
Mode of Study
  • Part Time
Start Date
October 2019
Course Length
16 hours of workshop delivery

On completion of this course, participants will have explored topics including:

  • Understanding the importance of collaboration and organisational culture within the context of growth
  • Evaluation of the business case for collaboration
  • Management of projects that are not only driven by cost cutting but by innovation, knowledge sharing and a desire to work more effectively
  • Examination of the barriers which are likely to be faced by a business in fostering a culture of collaboration and how these might be mitigated
  • Development of an implementation plan to foster a culture of collaboration to improve business performance, support behavioural change and tackle inefficiency.

All Fit4Energy courses are energy-focused and delivered in partnership with industry.

Fit4Energy equips participants with energy sector-specific skills and knowledge to plan for implementing growth.  

The course has been developed with industry stakeholders and draws on energy sector insights, case studies and global best practice.

The course will be delivered through 3 workshops. These are designed to engage businesses and help to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities presented in global markets and product innovation. 
To facilitate this, RGU envisage small groups of participants for each course, which will allow time for each participant to discuss their business and circumstances. Each cohort will contain maximum number of 20 delegates.

This course is at those employees currently in an energy business and have the ambition to support the growth of the business or build their own knowledge of business growth


Individuals Learner or Employees

£500 per course

For other delivery formats please contact us to discuss your requirements: f4e@rgu.ac.uk

Fit4Energy Cohort 3

£3,700 per company for the minimum of eight courses. Each additional course, over and above the 8, will be charged at a rate of £465.


Pricing for the bespoke company packages is assessed on a case by case basis. This will be based on the number of delegates and the location for delivery. Contact us to discuss your requirements: f4e@rgu.ac.uk

Costs include all teaching materials, access to the RGU online portal and follow up support. 


Have a question about the course? Get in touch with the Fit4Energy team and we'll do our best to help.

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Have a question about the course? Get in touch with the Fit4Energy team and we'll do our best to help.

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