We are committed to providing safe, secure and affordable accommodation for our students. We have accommodation at ten sites across the city offering a range of prices, rooms, flats and locations. All of our accommodation is self-catered.

Details of all our accommodation

Why choose RGU Accommodation?

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Range of locations and prices

A range of prices and locations to suit your needs and budget from standard to ensuite rooms, smaller flats to larger flats and city or campus locations.

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Easy access to campus and city centre

All halls are in great locations with easy access to public transport links for the university campus and the city centre.

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No guarantor or large deposit required

No need to pay a large deposit upfront and we do not ask for a guarantor.

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Inclusive bills

Rents are inclusive of bills - making it easier to manage your finances – and we offer flexible payment plans.

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RGU is your landlord

Lease is with RGU so we can provide support if things go wrong such as transfers to a different flat, drop in sessions for finance problems and lease termination if you leave your course.

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40 weeks leases

40 weeks leases available as standard meaning you don’t have to pay for a whole year if you are going home for the summer.

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Longer leases if required

We also have 50 week leases and summer lets at some sites if you want to be in Aberdeen for longer.

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24/7 support

Access to site staff and support from RGU for easy reporting of maintenance and any other issues. Together with the Reslife team this provides 24/7 support including help if you lose your keys or need welfare support

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Social calendar

On-site Reslife Team and access to all ResLife social activities & events.

Your rent includes:

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Internet access.

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Hot water, heating* and electricity (except at Craigievar development).

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Communal kitchen and lounge facilities with oven, hob, microwave, toaster and kettle.

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Your own private furnished bedroom.

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Core contents insurance (with the option to purchase additional cover if required).

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Fortnightly cleaning of communal areas for basic housekeeping e.g. hoovering, mopping floors.

*Availability of heating varies by site and is not always available at all times.