The Governance & Society theme explores the interfaces between governance and society at local, national and international scales.

Governance and Society theme logo Disciplines contributing to the G&S theme include:

  • Law
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Transport Policy

Governance and Society research staff are involved in international class multi- and interdisciplinary research whose underlying aim is to bring benefit to societies, economies and individuals.

Areas of Research

Current areas of research activity (and dissemination) include:

  • Care North and E Harbors - two European projects examining practical ways of reducing energy use and CO2 emissions from local transport and port activities, undertaken by researchers from IMaGeS and RGU's IDEAS Research Institute.
  • Effective Communication with Jurors in the UK - Collaboration between researchers in Law and Psychology looking at jurors understanding of evidence and legal process.
  • A Multidimensional Framework for Evaluating and Selecting Bankruptcy Prediction Models - Financial research aiming to develop a forecasting model to predict the business failures.
  • The UK Government's legislative ‘war on terror': legal, social and human rights outcomes - collaborative research between researchers in Sociology and Law
  • ‘Variated Civil Society: the Brussels offices of the regions' - A Research project in Public Policy funded by the British Academy
  • Do small town main streets still matter?- Multidisciplinary research looking at the relationship between small town main streets and cultural identity
  • Relatives' experience of post mortems - A Research project featuring researchers from Law and RGU's Health and Wellbeing Research Institute, funded by the NHS Endowment Fund.
  • A Global Study for the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER) - A team from Accounting searched for good practice in the development and assessment of non-technical skills in accountancy trainees.
  • Socio-legal studies conference 2014. Major law conference being hosted by Governance and Society members.

Contact / Theme Leader:  Professor David Gray

Governance & Society Research Members