Humanizing healthcare education through the use of storytelling.

Funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Funding Body
Award Value
Start Date
October 2019
End Date
End September 2021
24 months

Current healthcare training curriculum relies upon a comprehensive understanding of the bio-medical model of medicine. However, it has been recognised that a curriculum that incorporates a more rounded model is critical. 

Europe faces an increased demand for health services due to ageing populations, rising patient mobility, and a diminishing supply of health workers caused by retirement rates that surpass recruitment rates. This changing reality creates an even greater need for the health workforce to understand and value humanism.

Project aims

StoryAidEU aims to ‘humanise healthcare education through storytelling’. Storytelling can be used to ensure a holistic approach to healthcare professionals’ education and this project aims to build a truly interprofessional approach to humanising healthcare education through storytelling.

The project is led by the International Network for Health Workforce Education [INHWE], in collaboration with partner organisations located across Europe. It will explore a new model of healthcare education and training using storytelling in an interdisciplinary setting as a crucial tool for educators, to show the hidden and silent stories of patients, healthcare professionals, loved ones, and vulnerable people.

Project method

Project partners will conduct, through a number of data gathering techniques, a full review of Interprofessional Education (IPE) tools and humanism in healthcare, and how storytelling approaches can be used to improve healthcare education training. The outcomes of the review will be combined into an education curriculum for healthcare educators, in conjunction with a coursebook, and learning tools such as videos and interactive lectures, that all healthcare professionals can access to promote humanism in healthcare.

Project survey

The StoryAidEU consortium would like to invite health professionals and healthcare students, along with educators and trainers of the health and social care workforce, to participate in an online survey for the project: 

The submission form is completely anonymous and the deadline for completion is Friday 21st August 2020.

The survey aims to determine the relevant topics, resources and tools for inclusion in a new storytelling curriculum. The production of this new training curriculum is the primary outcome of the project which aims to create storytelling resources for collaborative practice that will increase humanism in the health and social care workforce.

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