Research related news from Robert Gordon University.

  1. 17, April, 2015 Farage again dominates Twitter discussion on leaders’ debate

    twitter logo colour

    A collaborative inter-disciplinary team of researchers at RGU has analysed the Twitter reaction to the BBC leaders' debate on April 16.  

  2. 08, April, 2015 RGU nuclear versus renewables debate a huge success

    The contentious issue of sustainable energy security was the topic of a recent debate at RGU.  

  3. 06, April, 2015 RGU helps to unlock the north-east’s hidden numbers

    Robert the Bruce scan

    RGU has been using 3D scanning to help unlock the north-east's hidden numbers, as part of the Look Again festival.  

  4. 03, April, 2015 Leaders’ Debate sees UK tweeters take note of Sturgeon, while Miliband fails to spark Scottish interest

    Leaders' Debate April 2 2015 mentions

    RGU academics have monitored the Twitter reaction to the televised Leaders' Debate on ITV.  

  5. 31, March, 2015 Twitter users react more positively to panel debates, RGU academics find

    Social Media -Twitter

    Academics at RGU are preparing to monitor the Twitter reaction to the televised General Election panel debates.