Research related news from Robert Gordon University.

  1. 12, May, 2015 Team Aberdeen celebrates local ambassadors

    Team Aberdeen recently recognised individuals from the academic and corporate communities on their efforts to bring conferences and events into the local area.  

  2. 06, May, 2015 Harnessing information for the development of Aberdeen Harbour Board


    A two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership has been launched by RGU and Aberdeen Harbour Board to develop an innovative, digital, accessible resource.  

  3. 05, May, 2015 New radicals: are young people engaging more with politics following the referendum?


    Academics at RGU have launched a survey aimed at young people across Scotland in order to explore their levels of political engagement and interest.  

  4. 30, April, 2015 Fa Div Ye Think Ye Are? RGU professor to bring the north-east’s heritage into focus

    The culture and heritage of the north-east of Scotland will be explored by Professor Peter Reid at a Doric themed lecture next month.  

  5. 27, April, 2015 Advanced computing research boosts productivity and performance

    Smart Data Launch

    The €4.2M ParaPhrase project brought together academic and industrial experts from across Europe, including RGU, to improve the programmability and performance of modern parallel computing technologies.