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  1. 22, January, 2016 Researchers assess benefits of high intensity exercise and nutritional supplement regimes

    Dean Leighton and Giovanna Bermano

    Health researchers at RGU are working to identify the impact of a time-efficient exercise regime and nutritional supplements to improve health and reduce heart disease risk among overweight adults.  

  2. 05, November, 2015 Study on health of homeless patients in Aberdeen secures funding boost

    Dr Vibhu Paudyal

    Academics and health professionals who have been investigating the healthcare of homeless patients in Aberdeen have secured £10,000 funding to further their research.  

  3. 22, October, 2015 RGU researcher highlights Fukushima disaster impact on Japanese fisheries

    Dr Leslie Mabon

    An RGU researcher has highlighted the ways in which Japanese fishing communities are still being affected after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  

  4. 30, September, 2015 RGU researchers to help develop device for back pain sufferers

    L-R  Dr Kay Cooper, Dr Stewart Massie and Dr Nirmalie Wiratunga

    Researchers at RGU have won over €500,000 of funding as part of a major international project aimed at helping back pain sufferers manage their condition.  

  5. 20, May, 2015 New volunteers sought for low back pain research

    Kay Cooper

    Health researchers are looking for new volunteers from across the north-east to take part in research to help older people with chronic low back pain manage their condition.