Robert Gordon University research publications are searchable in our Open Access Institutional Repository.

OpenAIR is the Robert Gordon University Open Access Institutional Repository. Operational since 2006, it contains the full text of high quality research publications produced by staff and research students at RGU. The content includes:

  • Books and book chapters
  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Reports and doctoral theses

Digital images of commissioned public artwork, together with examples of paintings and prints which have been shown in galleries around the world, are included in the ‘Artefacts, design and exhibitions' category.

OpenAIR provides researchers at Robert Gordon University with a means of complying with mandates from funders to make their published work available on Open Access. It also ensures that the research is visible to a wider audience than only those who can afford subscription access to journals. Items in OpenAIR are easily located through general search engines and subject specific portals.

Visit OpenAIR: