BrewDog signs up to RGU Graduate Apprenticeship programme

Monday 04 March 2019

BrewDog Gary MacTaggart and Louise Wyllie
One of the north east’s most notable companies – the multinational brewery BrewDog – has taken another ‘punk’ step by becoming one of the latest organisations to sign up to the Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) scheme at RGU.

Gary MacTaggart has been in position as BrewDog’s Planning Manager for the past year and is proud to be acting as a mentor to colleague Louise Wyllie, as she works towards her GA. It is a role he initially took at the behest of the Head of Supply Chain, before learning more about the benefits of the scheme.

He said: “I have found it a well-structured course, which allows Louise to learn the basics of business, crucially in a workplace environment, where she can put the learnings from the course directly into action. As the teaching moves on from the first year, I can only see this being even more valuable.”

One of the important aspects of work-based learning programmes, like the GA scheme, is that it not only benefits the student but that this demand-led approach directly addresses the needs of the business.

“In the fast-paced, frenetic workplace that BrewDog is, it can often be difficult to take a step back and consider the wider context or impact, but this programme is a great opportunity to further develop our talent.

“Louise has already started to think and approach situations differently, with a greater understanding of how other businesses work, along with the processes and theories of business management.

“Our relationship with RGU has been a very positive one so far and we have had good, open and honest conversations, with great advice, along the way. I’m looking forward to furthering this now that our peak trading period over Christmas has passed.”

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