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Students turn their negative into a positive for charity

Com Des students
A group of 4th year Communication Design students from Gray’s School of Art who spent the whole year fundraising to attend D&AD New Blood Festival London, will donate a large sum of their funds to charity.

The student raised over £3500 to fund their trip by hosting fundraising nights and hosting craft fairs and bake sales. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the festival had to be cancelled.

However, the students will still be able to take part in a digital festival. The D&AD New Blood Digital Festival will consist of five days of relevant inspiration and learning, an exhibition of student work, and a support programme ensuring the next generation of creative talent has access to the people and resources they need to thrive.

The group decided that the remaining £1500 is donated to three charities where the money will be put to amazing use - Cairns, Black Lives Matter and CHAS.

Holly Callaghan, one of the students involved, said: “We are all so excited and delighted that we are able to donate the amount of money we have, making sure it goes to a place that will see the benefits.

“This year has been challenging from the beginning to end in regards to the festival being cancelled along with many other things but there is always a positive, which is making sure the money we have is now going to benefit many in Aberdeen.”

Iain Morrison, Stage 4 Coordinator for Communication Design, added: “This has been a very challenging year for the students. It’s great to see, through the disappointment of not being able to exhibit their work in London, they have still made a very positive and charitable move to donate the remaining cash to local charities so that others can gain from the remaining cash they raised.”

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