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Stay fit and healthy while being clean and safe at RGU SPORT

RGU Sport Team Lead Carol Baig
RGU Sport Team Lead Carol Baig wants to welcome customers back to RGU Sport where they can improve their fitness, keep fit and healthy and do so in a way that is extremely hygienic, safe and socially distanced.

Throughout lockdown, the team at RGU SPORT worked tirelessly to ensure the facility would be safe for all users when the re-opening date was announced by the Scottish Government.

We re-opened our doors on Monday 14 September as part of the university’s phased return to campus, adopting a gradual re-opening process to ensure a measured and safe return. The priority remains the wellbeing, health and safety of all staff, students and other users of RGU SPORT. To ensure this, a vast amount of safety measures have been put in place.

We've created an online booking system to avoid queues and cash handling, and to limit the number of people within each area at any one time. A “Welcome If” policy video was produced and must be watched before customers sign up for their first booking slot.

In the facility itself, one-way systems with clear signage have been put in place and we’ve reduced the capacity within each area of the facility to remove the chance of overcrowding – and to ensure social distancing can always be maintained throughout your visit.

Our gyms have been completely re-arranged. We now have a cardiovascular zone, resistance zone, body weight zone and free weights zone which you can gain access to by booking a gym session. The strength and conditioning room is also available as a separate booking. Each piece of equipment has been measured to ensure it is 2m from the next.

Group exercise classes are currently held within the sports hall, where each participant has their own designated area which is 3m by 3m with a 1m buffer in-between to ensure they feel safe and have plenty of space to perform their exercises.

We’ve gone to great lengths to implement extensive and increased cleaning practices using high-quality cleaning chemicals effective against COVID-19. Our gyms are also deep cleaned during scheduled closure slots. Cleaning stations are placed within the gym zones so customers can wipe down their equipment before and after each use.

Hand sanitising stations are placed throughout the facility, and at entrances and exits to each zone.

Staff members must wear face coverings, we also ask that all users wear face covering when entering and exiting the facility, as well as when moving around the facility. These may be taken off when exercising.

Our main priority throughout this time is the safety of our users, and we’re all looking forward to seeing you at RGU SPORT.

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