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RGU Staff Recognised for Supporting Students' Extra-Curricular Activities

STAR Awards
STAR Awards are a chance for students to thank staff members from all across the University who have gone above and beyond to support them, especially over the past few months. Read about some of the winners.

Olayinka, Pauline and Scott won the Extra-curricular Award for their contribution to students’ non-academic development. Here they write about how extra-curricular activities benefit both students and staff. 


Olayinka Lewis

Lecturer in Law, The Law School

I have won this award for my involvement in the running of the Law Clinic which is a service within the Law School that provides free, reliable, confidential, high-quality advice on a range of legal issues to members of the local community and beyond. The Law Clinic is run by trained student volunteers from the Law School and they work under the supervision of law academic staff. In addition to providing legal advice to eligible members of the public, the Law Clinic helps enhance the skill sets of student volunteers through handling of real-life cases. Student volunteers get to put their theoretical knowledge of the law into practice and at the same time learn, improve and perfect their listening, research and social skills, as well as cultural awareness and handling of different situations.

The Law Clinic has helped build student confidence and watching students develop whilst working as volunteers with the Law Clinic has been something I found to be very beneficial for them and something I believe increases their employability after graduation. The variety of cases we handle at the Law Clinic demonstrates the importance of the work we do and the opportunity to assist clients gives us the opportunity to give back to the community in our little way. For me, the Law Clinic has been and still is a rewarding part of my job as I know I am helping to train future lawyers on some of the practical aspects of the profession.

Dr. Pauline Bremner

The School of Creative and Cultural Business

I was delighted to receive this accolade as it comes from the student body.  I have been working with implementing the Scottish Innovative Student Awards (SISA) not only in our school but the wider university. The programme run by the Scottish Institute for Enterprise helps develop creative mindsets within the context of the present and the future where many external factors impact on the workplace skills and competencies our graduates need for the future.  The SISA programme encourages students to engage in reflection, working in multidisciplinary teams and being cognisant of the skills set they need to develop to arrive at solutions to issues, all of which complements the RGU’s Learning & Teaching Framework which emphasises on whole person education. 

The feedback from students demonstrate the programme’s impact as students feel they can ‘think out of the box’ and are more prepared for the future.  They realise the benefits of enhancing their CV, making them stand out more in an ever-crowded job market.  On a personal level, I have enjoyed seeing RGU students surpass our ambitions on their progress as 18 students achieved the title of Innovation Champion this year, the highest number from any Scottish University. Additionally, I have enjoyed collaborating with Ann from the SIE, and many other colleagues across RGU and getting to know other students across the campus.  I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the level 2 workshops with students, seeing their progress and seeing the programme add value to their learning.  I hope to see it continue to thrive and to see many more RGU students’ progress.

Scott Murison

School of Engineering

Despite never been interested in motorsports previously, I was happy to embrace the role of Faculty Lead for RGU Racing, the team formed to represent the university in the Formula Student (FS) program.

FS is a leading educational engineering competition which aims to develop enterprising and innovative young professionals using motorsport. The student groups drive towards designing, building and ultimately racing their own Formula-style single-seat race car at Silverstone Raceway – the UK’s premier motorsport venue.

I am pleased to see how much the RGU Racing team has progressed since they formed in 2016. This project presents a unique opportunity for students to become more innovative, skilled, creative, confident - skills which are highly sought after by employers. The positive relationships being formed internally and externally between students, staff and industry representatives are a reflection on how this team has truly embraced our values of collaboration ambition and innovation.

I am extremely honoured to have been recognised by the Union and the students who nominated me. I work hard so that the students have the opportunities they deserve for their efforts, whether it is something I can offer directly or at least facilitate on their behalf within RGU and further afield. So just a huge thank you really!

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