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Five reasons why you can’t miss experiences like Employers Live, Careers Event

Helen Scott, Careers Consultant
Careers Consultant Helen Scott recommends that students attend experiences like our Employers Live, Careers Event, during lockdown to boost their employability, and gives five top reasons why.

So, those nice people at the RGU Employability Hub have arranged Employers Live, Careers Event – a chance for you to meet with the following employers: EY, FDM and Tenaris. 

But is there any point in bothering to set your alarm, log in and attend? After all, your dad’s friend’s brother’s girlfriend works in recruitment and says there’s no jobs so why not just ignore it, pull the duvet over your head or settle down for another Netflix binge? 

STOP! Ok, COVID-19 is certainly changing things and some semblance of normal won’t be resumed yet, but no-one can see the future. However, what we can do is work out how best to equip ourselves to respond to the situation and be ready for new opportunities when they arise.    

So here are five reasons why you must attend events like our Employers Live, Careers Event: 

1. Get information straight from the horse’s mouth 

We hear that some businesses are badly affected by the crisis, others are maintaining the status quo, and some are successfully adapting, finding innovative ways to offer their products and services. Employers Live, Careers Event is an opportunity to talk to employers directly instead of relying on hearsay or sensationalist media reports. Take the opportunity to ask how the virus is affecting their business and the industry-sector they are operating in.  

2. Find out where employers are with graduate recruitment 

As well as finding out if they’re still recruiting, you could ask about how recruitment processes have changed given the constraints on in-person meetings. Employers will be able to tell you if they’ve moved interviews and assessment centres online and advise you how to perform at your best in the virtual world. 

3. Discover what new skills are needed  

Overnight, most organisations have had to switch to virtual working and workforces are adapting to online meetings and discussions. Find out what platforms companies are using to host these and the IT skills you might need to brush up on. 

4. Make useful contacts 

Showing up to meet potential employers, virtual or otherwise, demonstrates that you are engaged, curious and keen to move forward. Asking questions and listening carefully puts you in a positive light. If someone is particularly helpful, don’t be afraid to ask for their name and follow up with a connect request on LinkedIn. You can then ask questions that you might have forgotten to ask at the event. These contacts might prove fruitful in the future even if you can’t use them now.  

5. Get inspiration and motivation 

Sometimes, when you’re alone with your thoughts, it’s easy to think negatively about the future. Events like this provide an opportunity to share your anxieties and maybe get a different perspective on the situation. A conversation could spark an idea that can motivate you to move forward in a way that a box-set binge, however enjoyable, never will. 

So, it’s time to shake off that duvet, fire up your laptop and come on down to Employers Live, Careers Event (Tuesday 5 May). We look forward to seeing you there – virtually of course! 

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