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Empowering young people through education

Dave Cormack
RGU has received a donation of £100,000 from The Cormack Family Foundation, established by AFC Chairman Dave Cormack, which will allow students from underrepresented backgrounds to study at the university. He writes in a Community Story about how delighted he and his family are to support this worthwhile initiative.

Empowering young people through education is one of the pillars of the Cormack Family Foundation. My wife Fiona and myself, and our family, are thrilled to be able to establish a programme of Access Scholarships at RGU which will support ten students from diverse backgrounds, who may not otherwise have had this opportunity or the means to support themselves through a four-year-degree course.

As Aberdonians, with our roots firmly in the North-east, Fiona and I are fortunate to be in a position to support the next generation of talent and skills and to partner with a modern, forward-thinking university which plays a major part of the region’s rich and diverse learning and teaching landscape.

From our perspective as a Foundation, we wanted to be able to support our own folk back home and one of the ways of doing that is to allow, or help, young people to be able to go to university to study. Fiona and her sister Lesley, my sister-in-law, both actually graduated from the old Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology (RGIT).

The pledge supports the development of ‘The Cormack Family Scholarship’, which will widen access to higher education by providing financial support to 10 undergraduate students over the next two years.

The scholarship will be awarded to undergraduate students who have been offered and accepted a place to study at RGU and can demonstrate financial need, academic merit, motivation and ambition. This for us is a very valuable and worthwhile initiative and we are thrilled to be able to invest in education for younger people.

We look forward to meeting the first students selected for these scholarships and will be keeping an eye on their progress through their time at RGU.

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