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Indie McCue – CAP

Indie McCue - Contemporary Art Practice

Degree Show celebrates creative, emotional and social journey for young artist.

A talented young artist from Troon in the West Coast of Scotland will showcase his final year project which focuses on issues surrounding gender at this year’s annual Gray’s Degree Show.

Indie McCue (24) had always wanted to follow a creative pathway and began his studies in Art and Design at Ayr College.

He then enrolled on the Contemporary Art Practice course at Gray’s to help develop his creativity, believing the broadness of the course curriculum would suit his style.

I have always been someone who has experimented with various mediums of work and this course seemed to allow me to do that even more so.” Indie said.

“During my time on the course I have been able to progress creatively, emotionally and socially – contemporary art’s structure at Gray’s creates a space for you to develop in all ways if you allow it to happen.

“I have come into contact with a lot of systemic issues surrounding my practice while here but that has only made me more-sure of the work that I have created, and will create.”

Indie’s vibrant and eye-catching Degree Show project will allow him to address many personal issues, some of which he has managed to work through during his time at university.

“For the past four years and my final year project focuses on gender issues, specifically those that surround Trans and queer people, as someone who identifies as both of these terms.

“The overall aim of my work is to allow people within the LGBT+ community, as well as those who identify out-with the community, to be able to approach my work and feel comfortable learning about identities the same as and differing from their own while also having fun.

“I would say that university has taught me how to navigate different social situations in a more personally assured way. Leaving home to come to university changes a lot of people at first – the freedom goes to your head and you can easily forget why you are here in the first place. But if you can find ways to re-inspire your drive to study you will always have the push you need to achieve what you want. I have made work that I could never have predicted I would be capable of, but I did it.

“This year I had the honour of holding the title as Trans Champion for RGU, which means representing all of the Trans students across the organisation. This position has meant I was able to affect change in the diversity standards for the university which was and still is vital to socio-political development of the university’s environment.”

Indie is already looking to future and life after Gray’s, when he plans to relocate to Glasgow to continue on his creative journey.

“When I graduate, I will be moving to Glasgow and plan to set up my business alongside my partner who is also my business partner. We have a few things in the woodworks, one of which is to start an annual queer makers market in Glasgow.

“In the next year I aim to find work in community arts settings and possibly dive into more performative work. I think it is important, however, to take a breather after university to reassess your goals.”

You can see Indie’s Degree Show work at Gray’s School of Art from June 15 – 22.

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