Exhibition of Stage 5 Architecture Student Work

Event Starts: Time:5:00 PM
Event Ends: Time:10:00 PM
Location: Scott Sutherland School Reception, Sir Ian Wood Building

Stage 5 Architecture students have created an exhibition covering a variety of issues affecting Scotland today.

Each unit has created their own investigation on their chosen area, which range from the rural Northern islands of Scotland to the densely populated urban cities in the central belt. 

Architecture 5 unit 1 (Full size PDF 67KB)Unit 1: The Housing Research and Practice Unit this year has focussed their research on Aberdeen’s waterfront. The challenge is to explore future social, economic and cultural influences on Aberdeen, in addition to the influence that the waterfront development potentially has within the city while reclaiming the area for the people of Aberdeen.

Architecture 5 unit 2Unit 2: A research unit focusing on the housing crisis affecting Scotland. Their research draws on examples from Scotland, as well as on an international scale, with the objective to create an awareness and discussion on the issue of the housing crisis. 

Architecture 5 unit 3Unit 3: The Orkney exhibition will showcase the research this unit has undertaken into the Orkney islands; with a focus on the social and cultural effects that an ever-growing tourist industry has on a small island community. Can an architectural intervention enhance the visitors experience whilst maintaining an everyday intimacy and culture?

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