Passing the Torch - A Vibrant Spirit

Monday 30 January 2023 - Monday 27 March 2023

Location: Campus wide

Passing the torch exhibition - showing various ceramic items

Featuring contemporary ceramics side by side with pieces from the RGU Art and Heritage Collection, this exhibition celebrates the timeless nature and enduring techniques of ceramics and wood firing.

Passing the Torch – A Vibrant Spirit embraces the legacy of the Gray's School of Art ceramics department and showcases the strong cultural vibrancy of the University and its students. We reflect upon the work of some of the craftsmen and women who began their journeys at Gray’s School of Art and shared knowledge, methods, and processes, and we celebrate the continuing creative spirit of current students who embrace their own development and research as they learn from traditional techniques and skills, passed down through time.

The catalyst for this collaborative exhibition was Fired Up!, a wood kiln firing event held at Gray’s School of Art. Where Fired Up! was an opportunity to bring new life to traditional methods, Passing the Torch honours the passionate spirit and enduring practices that connect ceramicists through the years.

Fired Up! took place on 30 October 2022, marking the first communal wood firing of Gray’s School of Arts using a wood kiln built by staff and students and made possible by a grant from the Vibrant Campus initiative. In celebration of a Vibrant Campus, Passing the Torch – A Vibrant Spirit is available to visit and view in various locations across the campus.

We thank Kevin Morris of Gray’s for his contribution to this event.

"The characteristic earthen tones, ash deposits, burnt sienna flashings, natural glaze surfaces, and spontaneous effects, are something embraced in the firing process and evidenced within the works on show... By its very nature we feel wood firing forges cohesiveness and symbolizes the intrinsically communal and collaborative aspects of ceramics as an art form.”

- Kevin Morris, Technical Services Officer, Gray's School of Art.

View the exhibition across campus at:

  • Sir Ian Wood Building, Level 5 Display Area
  • Ishbel Gordon Building, Level 2 Link Display Area
  • Riverside Building, RGU Student Union Display Area

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