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Time Management and Motivation

Friday 11 March 2022 10:00 - 12:00

Location: Online Workshop

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This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of tried and tested tools and techniques in relation to effective time management. This workshop is part of the Researcher Development Programme.

The session will explore some of the most common ‘time stealers’ that occur during the working day and it will cover some of the effective strategies to overcome these. Triggers and causes of procrastination, along with successful ways to avoid them, will be examined and discussed. Specific focus on some of the tried and tested methodologies for effective delegation, combined with a clear understanding of the importance associated with setting clear and specific goals, will also be explored. It’s not necessary for participants to have attended the POD Colour workshop in the first semester, but they will make the most of the session if they are familiar with the concept and their own Colour.

RDF Domains

Suitable for RDF Domain B


Tina McGregor


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