Dr Nadimul Faisal

School of Engineering

Dr Nadimul Faisal has established a research portfolio of excellent calibre, and developed a number of teaching and research facilities to allow students the opportunity to learn through practice.

Research excellence

Nadimul’s research is in the field of mechanical and materials engineering with a focus on surface/coatings engineering and instrumented micromechanics. As part of his wider experimental research, he also looks at corrosion monitoring for oil and gas applications and neutron diffraction of engineering materials. He is Condition Monitoring research group lead at the School of Engineering. 

His career success so far is underpinned by an ability to attract research funding and contract research and industrial consultancies. He has published one book chapter, 51 peer reviewed journals, 12 peer reviewed conference proceedings, 30 conference presentations/contributions and several technical commercial reports. He’s also taken part in 16 events where he has been invited to speak. He is a Full College member of the UK’s major funding council (EPSRC).

He’s collaborated with national and international institutions. These include the University of Aberdeen, the University of Nottingham, Heriot-Watt University, Cranfield University, Northumbria University, the University of Surrey, Trinity College Dublin, the Science and Technology Facilities Council, Alfaisal University, the Birla Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, the Technical University of Ostrava and Queen’s University of Belfast.

He’s also collaborated with Scottish innovation centres, e.g. OGIC, CENSIS, Interface. 

Teaching focus

Nadimul actively and consistently engages in various student recruitment activities. Currently, he is the Undergraduate Placement Coordinator and Research Degree Coordinator (Admissions and Marketing).

He’s also drafted a School of Engineering research brochure to help enhance the marketing and recruitment of potential postgraduate students and researchers. He is also editor of School of Engineering research news magazine. 

These will also help develop the School’s research portfolio through collaborations and commercialisations.

As a member of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Committee, he sincerely believes that the student-staff relationship should be a partnership. He’s engaged with a few colleagues to develop key practices to enhance student engagement in modules relating to project supervision. Some of this work has led to commercial proposals and funding. Currently into their fourth year, these practices are enriching the students’ experience through high quality publication of their work which in turn enhances their networking opportunities and employability.

There’s more...

Since joining RGU, Nadimul has developed a variety of teaching and research facilities, for example; vibration dynamics, materials preparation, corrosion, condition monitoring, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, solid oxide fuel cell and adhesive bond testing.

These facilities are also currently used in various commercialisation activities. He undertakes industrial consultancies and contractual projects based on his interests in mechanical and material testing services.

Some of the companies he’s recently worked with include: AquaMoor ltd, Corrosion RADAR ltd, Combined Pumps ltd, SMS Oilfield ltd, The Stab-in-Pipe ltd and Xi Engineering Consultants ltd.

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