First Name: Veronica
Surname: Strachan
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263409

Role and Responsibilities
As Business Manager for Aberdeen Business School Veronica Strachan's role is to ensure commercial, financial, marketing and technical support of the School at both operational and strategic levels.

A key aspect of her role is to promote the profile and interests of the School through strategic engagement with our significant stakeholders both within RGU and the broader business community.

Additional Responsibilities
Veronica Strachan is responsible for the leadership and development of the marketing team, the Placement Office and the Technical Services team.

Prior to appointment as Business Manager in 2005, she was Associate Head for the departments of Law and of Economics and Public Policy.


Book Chapters
"Social Work Law in Scotland" (W. Greens, Edinburgh, 1999) Chapters 5 & 8 (Education & Housing, Benefits and Debt)

"Advocacy and Learning Difficulties" Ed Barry Gray & Robin Jackson, Chapter entitled "The Legal Context of Advocacy" with D. Baillie (Jessica Kingsley Publishing, 2001)

Refereed Articles
"The Relevance of Historical Fact to Certain Arguments Relating to the Legal Significance of the Acts of Union" 1998 Jur. Rev. 37-65 (with Michael Addo)

Refereed Case and Comments
"The Scope of Judicial Review Determined?" 1997 Jur. Rev. 122-125

"Contract or Tripartite Arrangement - Rooney v Chief Constable, Strathclyde Police" 1998 Jur. Rev. 193-196

"Beyond Limits? Licensing Board Policy - Texaco v North Lanarkshire Licensing Board" 1998 Jur Rev 381-385

"School Closure Consultation - Imrie Petitioner" 1999 Jur Rev 380

Contract Research
"The Consultation on Civil Registration: Analysis of Responses" with Paul Spicker, Sue Morris and Tatiana Damjanovic 2004, Edinburgh, Scottish Executive Social Research

"Analysis of Consultation Responses on 'The Report of the Scottish Charity Law Review" with Paul Spicker and Sue Morris 2002, Edinburgh, Scottish Office Central Research Unit.

Non-refereed Articles
"An Essential Guide to Legal Issues in Scotland for Health Professionals" Grampian Primary Care NHS Trust, Aberdeen 2000 (with D. Baillie)

"Developing Legal Research Methods to Meet the Challenge of New Technologies" (with Dr Christine Cnossen) 1997 2JILT, Internet

"Changing Times for Legal Education in Scotland?" (2001) 35 The Law Teacher 385

Conference Papers
"New Technology - Implications for Legal Research Methodology" (with Dr Christine Cnossen) 12th BILETA Conference "The Future of Legal Education and Practice", University of Durham 25th March 1997

"The Use of C and IT To Support Student Learning" 2nd Annual Learning in Law Initiative Conference, University of Warwick, 7th January 2000

"Using Technology to Develop Effective Learning" Socio-Legal Studies Association, Conference, Queen's University of Belfast, 26-28 April 2000

"International Perspectives on Licensing Law" Edinburgh 5th November 2001

Arranged CPD sessions for local solicitors, both within the University and In-house
Presented CPD sessions on several topics including: IT in practice and Legal Aspects of Estate Agency

Arranged Conference: "Contemporary Issues in Devolution" 22 March 2000, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

6th July 2001 Human Rights Act Training - provided for Shetland Social Work Services

Legal Aspects of Record Keeping summer 2003, Albyn Hospital, Aberdeen