Dr Seonaidh McDonald
Title: Professor
First Name: Seonaidh
Surname: McDonald
Position: Professor
Telephone: +44 (0)1224 263896

Role and Responsibilities

IMAGESSeonaidh is Graduate School Leader for Institute for Management, Governance and Society (IMaGeS)

Research Interests

Seonaidh is a member of the Business & Enterprise theme research group within Institute for Management Governance and Society (IMaGeS). Her research interests are in Sustainable Consumption and Green Consumer Behaviour and Qualitative Research Methods. She supervises a number of research students including Wei Zhang and Ahmad Salih. Recently graduated research students include Mhairi Aitken (Funded by ESRC CASE studentship with Scottish and Southern Energy Ltd) and Basia McDougall. Seonaidh is an Associate Member of the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Practice.

Selected Public Outputs

Drakopoulou-Dodd, S.L., McDonald, S., McElwee, G., and Smith, R. (2014) A Bourdieusian Analysis of Qualitative Authorship in Entrepreneurship Scholarship. Journal of Small Business Management.

McDonald, S., Oates, C.J., Alevizou, P.J., Young, C.W., and Hwang, K., (2012) Individual Strategies for Sustainable Consumption. Journal of Marketing Management, 28(3-4) 445-468

Young, C.W., Hwang, K., McDonald, S., and Oates, C.J. (2010) Sustainable Consumption: Green consumer behaviour when purchasing products. Sustainable Development. 18(1) 20-31.

McDonald, S., Oates, C.J., Thyne, M.A., Alevizou, P.J., and McMorland, L.-A. (2009) Sustainable Consumption Patterns in Different Product Sectors. International Journal of Consumer Studies special issue on Sustainable Consumption 33(2) 137-145.

Aitken, M., McDonald, S., and Strachan, P.A. (2008) Locating 'Power' in Wind Power Planning Processes: The (not so) influential role of local objectors. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 51(6) 777-799.

Oates, C.J., McDonald, S., Alevizou, P.J., Hwang, K., Young, C.W. and McMorland, L-A (2008) Marketing Sustainability: Use of information sources and degrees of voluntary simplicity. Journal of Marketing Communications 14(5) 351-365.

McDonald, S., Thyne, M.A. and McMorland, L.-A., (2008) Means-End Theory in Tourism Research. Annals of Tourism Research. 35(2) 596-599.

McDonald, S., Oates, C.J., Young, C.W. and Hwang, K. (2006) Towards Sustainable Consumption: Researching Voluntary Simplifiers, Psychology and Marketing 23(6) 515-534.

Oates, C.J., and McDonald, S. (2006) Recycling and the Domestic Division of Labour: Is green pink or blue? Sociology 40(3) 417-433.

McDonald, S., and Oates, C.J. (2006) Sustainability: Consumer Perceptions and Marketing Strategies, Business Strategy and the Environment Special Issue on Marketing Sustainability 15(3) 157-170.

McDonald, S. (2005) Studying Actions in Context: A qualitative shadowing method for organisational research, Qualitative Research 5(4) 455-473.

Funded Projects

Recent research projects include collaboration with Anderson, Bell & Christie, a firm of Glasgow Architects and Dr David Moore (Scott Sutherland) to investigate the decision making processes of two Glasgow Housing Associations with regards to low carbon technologies, and work with Renewable Power Exchange and Grampian Housing Association and Edinvar Housing Association tenants to investigate a role for smart meters in alleviating fuel poverty.

Trade-offs in decision-making for sustainable technologies. (November 2003 – March 2006) ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) as part of their Sustainable Technologies Programme (RES-338-25-0001). Held jointly with Dr Caroline Oates, Sheffield University Management School and Dr William Young, Leeds University School of the Environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Tackling the waste hierarchy through young children's television. (July 2010 – Feb 2011) Nuffield Foundation. Held jointly with Dr Caroline Oates, Sheffield University Management School and Dr Mark Blades, Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield.