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RGU: SPORT - COVID 19 arrangements

COVID-19: On Campus Facilities

RGU SPORT - COVID 19 arrangements

Arrangements for RGU SPORT facilities and memberships following the Coronavirus closure.


All RGU SPORT gym memberships have been frozen since Wednesday 18 March until further notice.

All Membership Cancellations

These will not be processed until normal service resumes; however, please note that all memberships have been frozen.

Community Memberships

Direct Debit Members

Memberships have been frozen for the duration of the closure. No further membership fees will be taken, so there is no need to cancel your membership.

When we re-open, direct debits will be reinstated. A pro rata payment will be processed and the amount will be dependent on the date that we re-open.

As you have already paid for the full month of March, we acknowledge that you are due a refund for the period 18 - 31March. This 14-day refund will be reflected in your direct debit deduction once we re-open.

Once we receive confirmation that we can re-open we will communicate with all customers, via our website & social media channels, to give them an opportunity to cancel their membership prior to restarting payments, should they so wish.

Annual/Pay as You Go Members

Depending on the duration of the closure we will add a pro-rata extension to your membership and issue you with a new expiry date.

Student Memberships

Student Direct Debit Members

Memberships have been cancelled and no further payment will be taken.  We would love to see you back in the facility when we re-open and we will communicate on how you can re-join in due course.

Student Annual/Semester Memberships

Continuing Students will be given a pro-rata discount for the length of time RGU SPORT is closed when purchasing your new 2020/21 memberships.

Final Year students/those leaving the University are eligible for a pro-rata refund dependant on their membership category.

Staff Memberships

No further payments will be deducted until RGU SPORT re-opens.
Pro rata refunds for 18th-31st March have been processed via payroll.

Facility Bookings

For bookings which have been cancelled due to our closure we are aiming to 'bank' these bookings and book them in for another time once we re-open. For those who do not want to rebook with us we will offer a full refund.

During this period of uncertainty, we will only be taking future bookings from the 1 August 2020 onwards until further notice.

Please note, re-arranging current bookings will take priority over new bookings.

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