Parking Information

Each of our campuses has very strict rules in place regarding parking.

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In order to park at either of the campuses you will require a permit.

Detailed information about where to park can be found below.

City Centre

Parking at the City Centre campus is limited to staff Business User Permit holders, mobility badge holders and visitors only.

Visitors must book a parking space through the person they are visiting, however these spaces are limited and if none are available there are alternative public car parks within a short walk from the University administration buildings.


Parking at Garthdee is limited to permit holders only - staff, student and visitor.

Visitor parking is available at each building and there are drop off zones at each building, allowing drivers to drop off passengers or heavy equipment. These have a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes. The visitor spaces are painted red and the drop off spaces are painted blue.

The dates parking enforcement can be found below:

Garthdee Parking Enforcement Dates 2014/15

Garthdee Parking Enforcement Dates 2015/16

Visitor Parking

All visitors to Robert Gordon University should be aware that there are different car parking arrangements at each campus.

There are designated visitor spaces at all buildings on the Garthdee campus, which are outlined in red. These spaces are non-bookable and operate on a first-come-first-served basis. All visitors must report to the building's reception where they will be issued with a one-day visitor permit which must be clearly displayed on their vehicle's dashboard. If all the designated visitor spaces are occupied, a visitor can park in any other vacant space on the campus but must display a visitor permit in their vehicle.

City Centre - Schoolhill
All visitors to the Schoolhill site must pre-book a parking through the person they are visiting. If no visitor spaces are available alternative arrangements must be made.

Mobility Impairments

The Board of Governors have declared a commitment to ensure that those who have mobility impairments have every possible assistance in accessing University premises for the purpose of academic study and employment. Parking bays for the mobility impaired are located as near as possible to the most appropriate entrance to the University buildings.

Permanent Mobility Impairments

Staff or Students who are holders of a blue/orange or green badge are permitted to park in any recognised disabled parking bay throughout the University. They do not require an RGU Parking Permit and may park free of charge.

Temporary Mobility Impairments

Any member of staff or student who has a temporary mobility impairment, but is not eligible for a blue badge, can apply for a permit under the "exceptional circumstances" clause.

Student Permits

Any student who wishes to park at the Garthdee campus must have a parking permit.

Applications for new students for 2014/15 are now open.  If you want to apply for a parking permit, you will need to apply once you have received your enrolment information and log-in details.

Student Parking Permit Applications


Staff Permits


Staff permits are available for both Garthdee and the city centre.

More information is available on RGyoU.

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are available to staff, students and others who, exceptionally, require parking at the Garthdee Campus on a short fixed term basis, normally no longer than three weeks.

Examples of those eligible under this category include Distance Learning students or post graduate students who do not normally study at Garthdee but are required to attend classes on a short fixed term basis. Staff employed at Garthdee on a short fixed term basis are also eligible.

Temporary Permits are available by application to the Transport Manager, Estates and Property Services.

The fee for a Temporary Permit is £2.50 per day, payable in advance. Temporary Permits may be sponsored by a host department where appropriate.

Eligibility for a Temporary Permit must be validated in writing by the relevant Head of School/Department. Application forms are available from the Transport Manager or by clicking on the link below:

RGU Temporary Permit Form

Car Share

Robert Gordon University operates a car sharing scheme as part of its Green Travel Plan to encourage the reduction of vehicles travelling to its sites.

The aims of the Car Share scheme are:

  • to reduce the impact of single car occupancy on the local environment
  • to offer staff and students an alternative to lone driving wherever possible
  • to utilise the limited car parking resources as efficiently as possible

Priority is given to those who choose to car share.  To encourage car sharing, the cost of permit is reduced and dedicated car share bays will be available near each building on the Garthdee Campus.

Car sharing is when two or more registered drivers, who reside at different addresses, share the journey to and from the University by car. A car share team can include both staff and students.

Applications for car share permits are open each April/May for staff and returning students, and new students will have the opportunity to apply once the have received their Enrolment Pack.

For those who do not already have a Car Share partner, Robert Gordon University has an online search facility to help you find someone to share with. Even if you are not a car driver, you can still use the online search facility to find someone to share the journey with.

For more information on this facility please visit:

RGU Car Share Scheme

Exceptional Circumstances

The University reserves the right to allocate a parking permit to an individual, either staff or students, in exceptional personal circumstances.

Permits issued under exceptional circumstances will be charged at the same rate as standard parking permits.

Applications must be submitted on an Exceptional Circumstances Application Form

Please note:  Students' applications submitted on medical/health grounds will be passed to the Disability and Dyslexia Service for authorisation.

Parking Charge Notices


RGU has a Parking Policy in place which manages parking on campus.  All vehicles parked on campus must be displaying a valid RGU Parking Permit and must be parked within a designated parking bay.

Please click Parking Policy to view.

Any vehicle parked in contravention of the Parking Policy is liable to a £70 Parking Charge Notice (PCN).  

On Street Parking

There is a controlled parking zone in operation around the Garthdee residential area from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

Garthdee Controlled Parking Zone

Outwith these hours parking is not restricted other than by the regulations set out in the Highway Code.

Residential permits and business permits are available for people who reside or have a business within the Garthdee CPZ.

Anyone without an Aberdeen City Council permit must display a valid voucher in their vehicle and must park in one of the designated areas (see below).

Voucher Charges

From 1st April 2013, the charges are:

£1.50 for up to 2 Hours
£4.50 for up to 6 hours (All Day)

Voucher Outlets

Vouchers can be purchased from the following locations:-

  • All RGU Aramark Catering Outlets at Garthdee
  • Gray's School of Art Shop
  • Central Services Building
  • L&J Newsagent/Post Office, Garthdee Drive

Parking Areas

Please note:

There are only certain areas around the Garthdee CPZ in which voucher holders can park. The areas marked "Resident/Voucher Parking" are the only areas where voucher holders can park. Voucher holders cannot park in areas marked "Resident permit holders only".


The CPZ will be monitored and enforced by Aberdeen City Council and Vehicles not displaying a valid permit/voucher during operational period will be issued with an excess charge notice which is currently £60.

Please find below a map of the Garthdee CPZ:

Garthdee CPZ


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