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Claire Kidd - Painting

Claire Kidd - Painting

Claire’s painting project for her final-year degree show inspired her to reflect on her teenage years.

Claire Kidd, a painting student at RGU’s Gray’s School of Art, has used her own teenage years as the inspiration behind some of her work, which will be on display at the Degree Show next week.

The 23-year-old, of Aberdeen, started her degree at the age of 19 after a year at NESCol studying for her HNC and is now interested in pursuing a career as a lecturer in the arts.

She said: “I’ve always had an interest in pursuing further academia in the arts and I’m interested in pursuing a career as a lecturer in the arts so I have found this course to be both an expansion of my own practise and an example in great teaching.”

Speaking of her final-year degree show project, she said: “My degree show year has been heavily focused on my interest in empathy and nostalgia. I have been interested in creating narrative paintings depicting the years in which our empathetic nature is maturing and becoming better informed – the teenage years.

“Some of my work draws upon stories of my own teenage years and the boundaries that my friends and I tried to learn through trial and error. Other works are more allegorical and take inspiration from magical realist literature and fairy tales.

“I found my fourth year has brought about a natural reflection upon my teens and early twenties as my adulthood is ever looming closer. I am becoming more aware of the lessons I have learned and that despite this, I am aware of only the tip of the iceberg.”

During her time at RGU, Claire was awarded the Carnegie Scholarship award for vocational study. This gave her the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Bilbao and Marrakech to study the pace and business of lifestyles out-with her own culture.

“This opened up endless avenues of interest within my practice and I brought back a great supply of resource material for my fourth year. The confidence that this achievement gave me really allowed me to hit the ground running in my final year of study.”

Claire’s end-goal is to become a lecturer in fine art painting and will undergo a Masters as the next step in this process.

She concluded: “My hope is that I never stop picking up influence from the world around me and that I am always inspired to make art in whatever format takes my fancy.”

Claire’s paintings will be on display at the Gray’s School of Art Degree Show from June 15 – 22.

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