Our Business Management degree is aimed at those who are in full-time employment and wish to obtain a formal qualification in business and management. This course recognises prior experience as well as qualifications for entry eligibility in either blended or supported distance learning formats.

Study for a career in Management with a Management degree from Aberdeen Business School - Robert Gordon University

This form of study offers flexibility and choice to those in employment who want to progress their professional and personal development and to gain formal qualifications without putting their careers on hold. This includes those who:

  • went straight into employment after school and now wish to strengthen their work experience with a formal qualification. Advanced entry to Stage 3 of the course (distance learning) will be considered for individuals with at least one year's experience at management level
  • want to top up further education qualifications such as HNC/HNDs/unclassified degrees
  • are looking for a change in career path or work advancements that now requires a business management qualification
  • would like to gain a specific postgraduate qualification in management, including an MSc or MBA but do not hold a first degree as this course provides the access route
  • wish to study whilst in full time employment
  • are not currently in employment and are looking for opportunities - we will consider your previous experience

There are qualifications at the end of each year of study within this degree so if you are not in a position to commit to the whole programme you will be able to achieve formally recognised qualifications:

Please read our important information about the application & enrolment process

BA Business Management information (PDF 200KB)


BA (Hons)



Course Dates


Course Length

1, 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 years

Mode of Attendance

Blended/Distance learning

Academic School

Aberdeen Business School


Stage One

This stage enables you to develop a basic knowledge and the skills necessary for undergraduate study in the field of Business Management. You will develop your analytical skills, draw appropriate conclusions, reflect and effectively communicate these results using written, oral and graphical means. Basic knowledge and understanding of the academic, technical and professional elements of the core business disciplines is developed.

Stage Two

Stage two enables you to demonstrate your understanding of the business environment and the way in which the disciplines interact, draw conclusions and effectively communicate results using written, oral and graphical means. This includes the core academic technical, legal, administrative and professional elements of operations management, business law, public relations, finance, and organisational behaviour and enables you to take a more critical approach to business whilst relating to your own practical work experience.

Stage Three

  • Stage 3 Exemption (Runs concurrently with Stage 2)

For students, who joined the course in either Stage 1 or 2, with business work experience and who are seeking to bypass Stage 3 of the academic learning by relating the theory they have studied over Stages 1 & 2 with their own employment role and who wish to obtain an honours degree.

  • Stage 3 (Advanced Entry) For those entering the course at Stage 3

For students with a minimum of 3 years’ business experience and at least one year’s management experience they can commence at this stage of the course but it can also be undertaken by students who have completed Stages 1 & 2 who do not wish to apply for the APL exemption above as they do not have the relevant employment experience or would prefer to obtain an unclassified degree before advancing to the honours year. This is a supported distance learning route.

This is also suitable for students with an HND in Business or Administration and in full-time employment.

Enabling you to formalise your business and management experience, you undertake academic study in the field of general management or project management, consolidated by the completion of work based modules in consultancy and business planning.

This stage builds knowledge of business and management, ensuring that you have the necessary skills and academic underpinning to operate professionally and effectively in a management role. 

Stage Four

Focussing on in-depth self-directed study, you acquire an increased breadth of understanding of management areas, developing your ability to analyse and critically appraise problems and demonstrate an adaptability for future employment in industry and commerce in a rapidly changing environment. The dissertation module allows you to apply your skills through research and a self-selected topic.


Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course and module disclaimer for more information. 

Distance learning

Year 3 -- Semester 1
Choose 1 option module from the following group:
  • Management Environment
  • Project Management - Operations
  • Semester 2
    Route A - Direct Entry Students
  • Business Consultancy Project
  • Creating A Business Opportunity
    Route B - Students progressing from Stage 2 who have already completed BS3932
  • Portfolio of Evidence (Work-based experience)
  • Creating A Business Opportunity
    Choose 1 option module from the following group:
  • Management of People
  • Project Management - Change
  • Semester 3
    Route A - Direct Entry Students
  • Business Consultancy Project
  • Creating A Business Opportunity
  • Business Accounting for Managers
    Route B - Students Progressing from Stage 2 who have already completed BS3932
  • Portfolio of Evidence (Work-based experience)
  • Creating A Business Opportunity
  • Business Accounting for Managers
    Choose 1 option module from the following group:
  • Business Accounting for Managers
  • Project Management - Commercial & Strategic
  • Blended Learning (Part-time)

    Year 1 -- Semester 1
  • Financial Accounting for Managers
  • Academic And Professional Skills
  • Business Management Environment
    Semester 2
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • HRM for Managers
  • Academic And Professional Skills
  • Business Management Environment
    Semester 3
  • Accounting for Management Decisions
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Academic And Professional Skills
  • Business Management Environment
    Semester 4
  • Professional Skills Portfolio I
    Year 2 -- Semester 1
  • Operations Management
  • Personal and Business Finance Decisions
    Semester 2
  • Business Law
  • Business Consultancy Project
    Semester 3
  • Public Relations
  • Understanding Organisations
  • Business Consultancy Project
    Semester 4
  • Professional Skills Portfolio II
    Year 3 -- Semester 1
    Semester 2
  • Portfolio of Evidence (Work-based experience)
    Semester 3
  • Portfolio of Evidence (Work-based experience)
    Year 4 -- Semester 1
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Strategy
    Semester 2
  • HRM And OD: Theory And Practice
  • The Global Leadership Challenge
    Semester 3
  • Marketing Communications
  • Research Methods: Research Proposal
    Semester 4
  • Thesis
  • Thesis
  • The BA (Hons) Business Management is a blended/distance degree course taught through CampusMoodle, the university Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which offers students flexibility of where and when they can study.

    Blended/Distance learning allows students to continue to work full-time without the need for a career break and provides the opportunity to enhance careers through academic study and practical translation of the theory. This can also be a great chance to meet like-minded individuals across a number of industries and develop networking opportunities.

    For Stage 1 of the course there is a compulsory induction workshop where students are trained in the use of our systems and also have the opportunity to meet staff and other students. Students must have access to a computer on a regular basis to be able to undertake this course of study. Distance Learning students will undertake an on-line induction from early September but there is also an on-campus induction, for those able to attend.

    Study in Years 1, 2 and 4 is delivered online, supported with monthly Saturday workshops at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Attendance at workshops is compulsory. Stage 3 is delivered by supported distance learning with no on-campus attendance requirements.

    Activity Summary

    CampusMoodle offers full open access to tutors and other class members. Students have the benefit of being part of a group of learners with the invaluable opportunity to participate in active, group-related learning within a supportive online community setting. The online campus provides students with course materials which include:

    • Online activities
    • Discussion forums - student and tutor led
    • Up-to-date web technology for delivery methods
    • User friendly material

    Independent study summary

    All students are required to fully participate in their online learning experience and engage with the learning process. As online learners, students are part of a 'virtual cohort' and the communication and interaction amongst members of the cohort is a significant aspect of the learning process with a particular emphasis on group-related activities. However, a collaborative learning environment also requires that students become independent 'open learners' and take responsibility for when, where and how their learning occurs.

    How you are Assessed

    Assessments on the course are a combination of closed book examinations and coursework submissions with prescribed dates set in advance.


    We aim to provide you with feedback within 20 working days of hand-in for all written exams, coursework and practical exams.

    Academic Support

    The Disability & Dyslexia Centre advises and supports students who disclose a sensory or mobility impairment, chronic medical condition, mental health issue, dyslexia and other specific learning differences. Applicants are encouraged to arrange a pre-entry visit to discuss any concerns and to view the facilities.

    Study Skills Support

    The Study Support Team provides training and support to all students in:

    • Academic writing
    • Study skills (note taking, exam techniques, time management, presentation)
    • Maths and statistics
    • English language
    • Information technology support

    More on Study Support

    We welcome applications from students who have non-standard qualifications or indeed no qualifications but practical experience.

    Each application is individually assessed based on previous qualifications and the level of business and management experience.

    For someone with a minimum of 3 years’ business experience and at least one year management experience you could be eligible for accelerated entry to Stage 3 and obtain a Degree in a Year. If you do not have management experience but have worked in a business environment for a year you would be eligible to apply for Stage 1.

    You will complete a Personal Assessment Form providing more information about your experience to assist with the decision about which stage of the course is most appropriate for you.

    English Language

    Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.0 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

    We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

    English Language requirements

    * All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

    • All students are eligible to pay their fees on an instalment basis according to the University payment system.
    • Many of our existing students on this course are funded wholly or partially by their employer.  Arrangements can be made for the employer to be invoiced.
    • For those seeking part time funding assistance please refer to the SAAS website for eligibility
    • Any queries on credits undertaken within the academic year please contact Susan Lawrie - s.lawrie@rgu.ac.uk

    For Academic Year 2018/2019

    UK/EU Students

    • £3,120 per stage

    International Students

    • £5,150 per stage

    For Academic Year 2017/2018

    UK/EU Students

    • £3,030 per stage

    International Students

    • £5,000 per stage

    For Academic Year 2016/2017

    UK/EU Students

    • £2,940 per stage

    For Academic Year 2015/2016

    UK/EU Students

    • £2,830 per stage

    For Academic Year 2014/2015

    UK/EU Students

    Distance Learning Part-time

    • £2,740 per stage

    For Academic Year 2013/2014

    UK/EU Students

    • £2,660 per academic year

    For Academic Year 2012/2013

    UK/EU Students

    • £2,565 per academic year


    Course fees are reviewed periodically and so are subject to change for new applicants. All tuition fees are fixed for the duration of a course at the rate confirmed in your offer letter. You will also be liable to pay a graduation fee of £40 before receiving a University award.

    For further information see Student Finance pages


    Applications for admission to part-time courses should be made online directly to the University's Admissions Office online at www.rgu.ac.uk/applyonline.

    If you have any queries, please contact our Admissions Office: 

    Further details are also available (via email) from the Course Leader:

    Susan LawrieEmail: s.lawrie@rgu.ac.uk

    Please read our important information about the application & enrolment process

    BA Business Management information (PDF 200KB)

    Terms and Conditions of Admissions

    The Terms and Conditions of Admission describe to applicants holding an offer of a place to study at RGU, the principal rights, duties and obligations of both the applicant and the University prior to enrolling on a course of study.

    Terms and Conditions of Admissions (PDF 142KB)

    This course will contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and prepare you for continuing or entering careers in the following fields:

    • accountancy and finance
    • personnel and human resource management
    • marketing and market research
    • business strategy
    • small business management and startup
    • operations and logistics
    • e-business and business systems
    • public sector management
    • project evaluation
    • banking and insurance
    • retail management

    The University supports career development and offers online and offline advice and services through the RGU Careers Centre

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