Student Innovation Challenge

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Student Innovation Challenge

Access student creativity and talent by participating in a Student Innovation Challenge where large groups of students take on practical problems and tasks over a weekend competition to generate solutions for your business.

Whether you are looking for fresh ideas for your business, or want to explore a problem you are facing, a Student Innovation Challenge is a chance to utilise dozens of new perspectives to enhance your business. A Student Innovation Challenge is a 24 or 48 hour business model innovation competition run in collaboration with industry.

Business partners have the chance to engage with a diverse population of students, generate hundreds of new ideas, put their business under the microscope and access student talent and creativity.

Open to all RGU and NESCol students, these challenges enable participants to engage with real world problems and help solve issues that large companies, non-profits and government have. Students can impact the world by creating solutions to real world problems or opportunities while learning and living the principles of ideation, value proposition and design thinking. Students also learn about team building, time management and collaboration while dealing with pressure.

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