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Aberdeen Innovation Mentors

Developing a new idea requires support and guidance, and our Aberdeen Innovation Mentors provide expertise and challenge to new founders.

The newly developed Aberdeen Innovation Mentors (AIM) group is designed to support entrepreneurship and innovation activities in the university and the region. The development of a robust mentor network is a key to the delivery a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem. Potential mentors could be either currently working or retired, with a specific industry background or with deep knowledge in a specific area such as law, finance, marketing or sales.

Working with Startups

The Startup Accelerator, developed and managed by RGU, will support entrepreneurial teams of students, staff and recent alumni from RGU and partners North East Scotland College (NESCol), with the aim of helping the region’s entrepreneurs and innovators to create new businesses across a number of industries.

The mentors are an important part of the RGU Startup Accelerator program, and new mentors will get a chance to meet RGU startups at regular Mentor Mashup events at the Innovation Station. The level of interaction between mentors and entrepreneurs can go from occasional advice to close mentoring on a weekly basis. The new volunteer group of mentors has already gained over thirty members and is projected to grow to over eighty over the next year.

Benefits of Mentoring

Members of AIM will have their own dedicated mentor area in the RGU Innovation Space next to the RGU Startup Accelerator area in the recently announced ONE Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, which is located at the historic RGU Schoolhill site in the centre of Aberdeen.

Mentors will network with other industry professionals, support teams from idea to reality, be invited to guest speaker events and sessions, be recognised with mentor appreciation sessions and contribute to the economic development of the region.

Commitment of Mentors

Our mentors are voluntary and engage with our activities and teams at a time suitable for them. If a mentor signs up and chooses to work with an RGU startup, we would expect them to connect with the team regularly, provide advice and support, connect them with your colleagues, respect confidentiality and follow their progress for the duration of the formal process. After the programme ends, mentors and founders can maintain their own relationship.

Become a Mentor

Interested in becoming a mentor? If you have industry expertise, or are passionate about entrepreneurship, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact innovation@rgu.ac.uk