Finding Talent

Find & Develop Talent

Finding Talent

Our students have the knowledge and skills to be able to work with your business through placements and work experience projects to help you solve an industry problem.

Through engaging with professional, real-world environments our students develop their experience while offering businesses the opportunity to generate solutions, bring in new skills and develop talent.

How our students can help

  • Utilise student skills and creativity to solve a business problem
  • Bring in new talent to help with a project or support your team
  • Begin recruitment early by developing future graduates

Through working with our students on placements or projects, your business can develop your corporate social responsibility, provide existing staff with supervision experience, benefit from fresh ideas and enthusiasm, develop your company reputation, and tackle new projects or problems you were unable to before. Hosting a placement or work experience project can also act as an extended selection process, to get ahead of the competition to secure the best graduates. 

What options are available? 

Sandwich Placements

One Year

Take on a student for a full year during their academic degree.

Short-Term Projects

Four Weeks | Six Weeks

Project opportunities can last from four to six weeks during the year.

Bespoke Options

Any TimeScale

Alternative options are available for varies business needs.

Semester Placements

Six Weeks | Twelve Weeks

Opportunities for shorter placements range from four weeks to a year.

One Off Challenges

Day | Week | Month | Term

Challenges involve students for a one-off project of any timescale

We can provide suitable opportunities for businesses of any size, including small and medium sized enterprises, with students from across courses both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Our team can discuss the best options for you considering your business needs with placements and projects ranging from a few weeks to a full year.

How to get in touch

If you are interested in offering a placement opportunity, want to know more about projects or challenges, or simply want to find out where to start in finding the right option for you, get in touch with our team.

Want to find out what option is right for you?

Get in touch to discuss projects, challenges, or bespoke options which suit you.

Register Your Interest

Want to offer a placement or project to business students?

Get in touch to engage with students in management, accounting, law, media, journalism, PR, events, tourism, hospitality and other business courses.

Contact: Sam McKinstrie - +44 (0) 1224 263069 –

Want to offer a placement or project to design or technology?

Get in touch to work with students in engineering, computing, architecture, built environment, art or design courses.

Contact: Frances Hunter - +44 (0) 1224 262344 –

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