The largest provider of social work training in Scotland, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen is the ideal choice for you to help you achieve your career goals, whether starting out or continuing your professional development.

Often part of multidisciplinary teams, social workers support society's most vulnerable, from families through to those with disabilities. Applied social scientists study the way people live and its impact - opening doors in child care, health management, HR, the police, education and elsewhere.

Why Study Social Work & Social Sciences Here?

Specialists in social work and social sciences deliver highly innovative teaching and assessments, supported by experienced practitioners, professionals and employers.

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We regularly review the way we work to ensure an up-to-date approach, provide exciting opportunities for study and placement in other European countries, and make extensive use of new technologies and the latest research.

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Our facilities include a psychology laboratory, test library, computer facilities, laboratory space for experiments and studies to provide you with the best studying experience.

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We train you for future employment, drawing on the skills of academic staff who have specialist knowledge in areas such as child care, disability, social work law, social work methods, substance misuse and criminal justice.

“The working relationship between the tutors and students is excellent; enhanced by students being able to communicate with tutors through email, telephone calls and one-to-one tutorial sessions.”

Christopher Barclay Social Work - Distance Learning BA (Hons)


Our graduates go on to work in a variety of roles in local authorities, the NHS, the charity sector and business.

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Careers in Social Work

Social workers support individuals and groups within society.

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Careers in Social Sciences

A variety of career options are available to you.

News & Events

  1. 31, January, 2018 CityLab - Where the City Becomes the Classroom

    The CityLab project ‘Where the City is the Classroom” is an interdisciplinary opportunity for students from any disciplines in RGU to collaborate with students from the University of Aberdeen, to develop a ideas, which will have a positive social impact.  

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    Online distance learning courses give students the flexibility and opportunity to study. Take a look at our top tips for studying during an online distance learning course at Robert Gordon University.  

  2. 11, August, 2017 Why choose online distance learning at RGU?

    RGU Campus

    There are many reasons why you might choose to enter into an online distance learning course. Maybe you are looking to enhance your skills set in order to progress in your chosen career or you might be a recent graduate that wants to take the next step in your education – boosting your position in a competitive market at interview stage.  

Our School

  • School of Applied Social Studies

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    The School of Applied Social Studies offers a wide range of professional learning opportunities in social work, social care, community care, child care, criminal justice and related professions.