1. 28, February, 2018 Come and speak with us at UCAS events

    UCAS Logo

    We'll be touring the country from February to September and attending a UCAS convention near you. Find out where.  

  2. 22, April, 2018 I'm Every Woman - Student Festival Event

    Every Woman - Student Festival 2018

    Experience an afternoon dedicated to celebrating the success of women over the past 100 years since we got the vote. Showcasing fantastic female talent from the past present and future.  

  3. 22, April, 2018 The Highland Pub Games - Student Festival Event

    Highland Pub Games - Student Festival 2018

    The Highland Pub Games welcomes you to a fun night of Highland Games-themed competitions with a modern twist and live entertainment, celebrating Scotland in the oldest pub in Aberdeen.  

  4. 23, April, 2018 Visit us in Nigeria

    Jamie Hastings

    Jamie Hastings, Regional Manager for Africa and the following academic colleagues will be visiting Nigeria in April & May 2018, they will be meeting with students interested in learning more about studying at RGU.  

  5. 23, April, 2018 Hermeneutic Phenomenology Course & Symposium

    Health and Social Care Building

    Join us for the 2018 five day methodology and symposium in hermeneutic phenomenology